A Kind Waitress Offers Help To a Stressed Out Mom

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 19, 2018

For those first two years, do you regularly eat your dinner while it’s still warm? Most parents know the answer to this all too well. And, when Courtney Ruth Pedigo was out to dinner at the Olive Garden with her dad and fussy toddler, she naturally got up and asked for her dinner to be boxed up so she could tend to her child. But instead of getting her food to go, Pedigo was overwhelmed by the kindness of her server.

CBS News reports about the small act of kindness Nianni Rudder offfered to a mother who, like many moms, found herself in a difficult situation. Often times, toddlers and restaurants don’t mix well and this was the case for Pedigo’s daughter. The mom explains, “Just like any toddler, she didn't want to be held ... it was just a constant battle to try to get her to chill out and I didn't want to bother anybody trying to eat dinner.”

When Pedigo made the decision to get up and ask Rudder to have her dinner boxed up to-go so she can eat it in the car, she was taken aback by the server’s response. Rather than complying with the stressed out mom’s wishes Rudder told Pedigo, “No, she's not bothering anybody. You're going to go over there, you're going to enjoy your dinner with your family, and I'm going to be over there in a second.”

Seconds later, Rudder showed up at their table with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and sat down to care for the toddler while Pedigo enjoyed her dinner with her father. Pedigo explains, “She sat there and was feeding her ice cream and wiping her mouth and her hands — because of course Harlynn was digging into the bowl. She was awesome.”

After her experience with Rudder, Pedigo took to Facebook to share her experience and a photo of the kind waitress feeding her daughter. Pedigo also learned a few personal details about Rudder and how she is working at the restaurant while going to school full time to become an anesthisiologist. She also told Pedigo about how her mother passed away two years prior. Pedigo explains why she felt the need to post on Facebook about her experience with this kind waitress. She says, “You never know what people are going through. She's just such a strong person ... that's why I did a post about her. I wanted to shine a light on Nianni.”

Have you found yourself in a similar situation as this mom who wanted to take her food to-go?

What do you think about this server’s small act of kindness?

Photo: Facebook/Courtney Ruth Pedigo

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Gina679 by Gina679 | PARKTON, MD
Oct 22, 2018

I remember those times with my daughter when my food got cold while I was trying to feed her. It's something all Mom's go through. This simple kind act of kindness is what brings people together. I love to hear stories about kind things people do. The news is so depressing, they should give it up for one day and just focus on the kindness of others.