5 Memorial Day Beauty and Fashion Food Choices

   By CarolinaMama  May 30, 2011

"Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity." St. Augustine

Let’s keep Beauty and Fashion in mind this Memorial Day because the saying goes, "You Are What You Eat!"

Since this is often the case, let’s look seriously at our Fashion through our food choices. Essentially Memorial Day is here! Whether you are celebrating at the park with the ball team, or in your own back yard with family, good food and family fun, you want to make Memoroial Day memorable. You also know you want to keep the beauty and fashion side of things in mind during this fun regarding the meal plan. Look for these favorites that are beautiful and fashionable.

1) Water. Take your own water bottles with you to the Parade. The Park. Or hiking trails. It is just early enough in the season, you could be fooled. You may convince yourself that you do not need
"Water" only to find out later you desparately need it. Hydration is a beauty routine from ancient times. Let it work for you this Memorial Day - and every day! Your glowing skin will thank you!

2) Fresh Wins. Corn, Beans and Tomatoes. Seriously, fresh vegetables are a fashion salvation in summertime. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to navigate the many "treat" foods that are liable to be filling up the table. Antioxidants are crucial to a healthy and beautiful diet. Make sure you get most of yours from these healthy foods. Seek them out or better yet, take them with you.

3) Take your own BBQ entree. Really! It seems the American way is to have fatty foods sitting on the grill. Why leave it to chance. You can take charge and be the change in your neighborhood - bring your own fresh chicken breast to grill or a fresh catch of the day. You do not have to settle for the status quo or whatever is served on Memorial Day.

4) Healthy Salads. Avoid the Chip bowls and the appetizers that are laden with cheeses and fats. Go for the fruit salad or the mega-garden salad bowl and know you are doing good things for your body at this Memorial Day picnic.

5) Zero Calories and Caffeine! Enjoy a little flavor. Now we’re speaking to the group. Want to mix up your drink selection and stay cool. Seriously, you’ll be energized if you stick to zero calorie and caffeine free drinks. Nothing zaps you more than a sugar and caffeine over-load. Go ahead and grab a little bubbly and enjoy, i.e. the Sierra Mist version. You’ll be glad you aren’t countering extra calories or caffeine amounts that are overboard.

Now you’re ready mix it up. Go for healthy choices so that you can live with them especially when your mind and body are ready to surrender. Remember the best beauty secret out there is natural wins every time. Seriously, so by following these easy and essentials steps for your beauty and fashion this Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll win and be beautiful and fashionable too. Enjoy the beauty of Summer!

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