10 Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

   By daisykuchins  Nov 02, 2012

Whether you have a surplus of Halloween candy that was never passed out, or a picked-through trick-or-treat bag, you don't have to sit on a stale pile of candy or throw it out! From leftover Whoppers, Kisses, and even the dreaded Candy Corns, we've got you covered with some creative and delicious recipes to put all that leftover Halloween candy to good use!

Reese’s Pieces Cereal Bars
A Halloween trick or treat bag favorite is Reese’s Pieces, those little M&M-like candies with a peanut butter filling made by The Hershey Company. Though good on their own, they also make a great add-in for homemade ceral bars. With the high sugar content, these bars still fall squarely in the treat category, but they’re a bit more filling than candy alone. 
Halloween Popcorn
 This year, turn leftover candy corn and other stray candy into a delicious snack that’ll make both adults and kids declare it everyone’s favorite Halloween treat.
Wondering what to do with all those leftover chocolate Kisses from Halloween? I know - the thought of leftover Kisses seems impossible. But, if you should find yourself in this strange position, whip up a quick brownie dessert that’ll make you wonder why you ever ate a plain chocolate Kiss before!
Homemade trail mix is a quick and easy fix up for Halloween candy. Add your favorite chocolate treats to a mixture of nuts and candy Instead of filling up on the sugary treat alone. You’ll get a helping of protein and other nutrients to help you feel full and satisfied at snack time.
Dessert sushi is a fun way to use up an assortment of leftover Halloween candy. Add pound cake, Rice Krispie Treats and fruit roll-ups to put together a sushi-making station that kids can use for their own special creations. Go for the full effect by having floor seating around a coffee table and plenty of chopsticks on hand.
Not sure what to do with the plethora of Whoppers your child got in his trick or treat bag? Grab your blender to make this delicious malted milk treat with Whoppers or other favorite malted milk balls. It has a few, simple ingredients and takes just a couple of minutes to make.
Forget the campfire, all you need to make a Halloween s’more is a microwave. Check out the Halloween Peeps shaped like jack-o-lanterns or ghosts for your fall s’more making needs. Raid the kids’ trick or treat bag for fun-sized bars of chocolate; any and all will do! Add some graham crackers and you’re all set for this spooky snack. 


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BostonSox by BostonSox | Milton, MA
Nov 14, 2012

We've shipped all our non-chocolate candy (ie, anything that can't melt) overseas to our troops.

sherrybaby by sherrybaby | wilmington, DE
Nov 06, 2012

Yum! Can't wait to try some of these!