10 Great Things About Getting Older

   By grandparents  Apr 27, 2011

If you’re a grandparent born between 1945 and 1965, you're a Baby Boomer grandparent, and I've got news for you ? you're all now officially middle-aged. You can expect (or have already experienced) hair loss for men and hot flashes for women, but there’s good news, too. Recent research finds there's a host of things that actually get better as you get older ? and they all help you become better grandparents, too.

1. Clearing Up, Part 1

Your skin is drier so you can worry less at least about the dermatological effects of eating pizza and chocolate when you're out with the kids.

2. Second Honeymoons

If you're happily married, expect to stay that way. In general, marital happiness increases with every year after the first 25, which makes your home a terrific environment for grandchildren.

3. Fewer Headaches

Migraines become less frequent as you get older, and some of you will outgrow them completely, so the noise of birthday parties, The Wiggles, or Wii Rock Band won’t drive you to a dark room.

4. Clearing Up, Part 2

Allergies become milder as you age. In fact, experts say that if you don't have alergies by now, you're probably never going to have them. So go play outside with the kids.

5. Mellow Out

Have you always been an aggressive, assertive, Type A personality? Don't be surprised if you start to mellow out now, because you have less adrenaline to fuel the fire. This is why many grandparents have more patience for their grandkids than they had for their children. The secret to why grandparents are so lovable? Chemistry!

6. Toughen Up

On the other hand, if you've always been a relatively passive personality, you might find yourself growing more assertive now. Recent studies have found that people with your personality-type become more outspoken as they get older, especially when dealing with doctors, nurses, and teachers. Could it be because those professionals are mostly younger than you are now?

7. Take a Bite Out of Life

Your teeth will become less sensitive because as you age, your nerve-and-blood supplies shrink a little, so you can set a good example for kids when it’s time for a dental visit.

8. Kinder Cuts

Expect less scarring when you get cuts. This is also due to shrinkage of nerve-and-blood supplies, so you can show a brave face in front of the grandkids when you're wounded.

9. New Vision

Expect nearsightedness to improve, until, of course, far-sightedness takes over. Try to get better at reading the tiny cartoons in the kids' bubble gum packages.

10. Sound Minds

Finally, if you've never suffered from manic depression or psychosis, you can probably feel assured that you never will; not even your grandkids or their parents can drive you crazy now.

So, Boomer grandparents, enjoy your new selves. If you can stay positive, these really can be the best years of your life!


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consol72 by consol72 | Jeannette, PA
May 09, 2011

I love being a baby boomer grandmother! I'm 56 years young, and my granddaughter is 10 years old and she thinks I am still COOL!! We do many fun things together, ride bikes, run and of course shopping. I am still working full time and married 39 years, althought I do get tired more easily than before, I have more patience and don't let all the crazy stuff bother me anymore. I do have wrinkles, crow feet and I can pinch an inch!! however I earned everyone!! I'm grateful to GOD for what he has given me.

LifebyCynthia by LifebyCynthia | SAN DIEGO, CA
Apr 28, 2011

Whew...I'm glad that their are GOOD things (Great Things) about getting older. I'm on the verge of 40 - not even close to being a grandparent though since my child is less than a year old! I'm a late start mom...let's see - when he's 10 I'll be 50, when he's 20 I'll be 60. I hope to be a grandparent one day!