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Keeping It Hush Hush

on Feb 11, 2010: This is for sweetgirl1..... if you would have taken the time to actually read what was posted you would have read that my friend ADOPTED (rescued) a dog that someone before her had ((debarked)). READ DETAILS before you slam people!!! It IS cruel to debark a dog. So sad.

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See-Through Security

on Jan 05, 2010: Has anyone considered how much cancer potential this type of scanner might have for frequent flyers? The 40 and older crowd here might remember those feet scanners that used to be in the shoe stores. You'd put your foot down and it would scan your foot to tell you what size shoe to buy. As a kid, …

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Is Your New Year's Resolution Just An Empty Promise?

on Dec 31, 2009: It's like Groundhog Day, or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. I'm usually good for about 3 months, then 'things happen' to get in the way of completing the resolution. Then, of course, I beat myself up for not following through. Then, it all starts over again the next New Year.