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For His Eyes Only

on Jul 15, 2009: HELL YEAH I WOULD! i am a mother of two and have been with my man for 5yrs and were still not married we might as well be (dam gave him 2 kids and sait on him hand and foot but i like it!) so when im asked the question i say yah you could say that! but nyways, i work out and watch what i eat i fel…

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Eat, Pray, Love: What?s Your Word?

on Jul 15, 2009: i think i would go with....insperational! i have had a really good friend tell me that i have really hellped her in so many ways. i have never judged her no matter what! i have believed in her when no else did. i push her to continue with her dream of modeling. she is a great friend and i lover he…

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Should Burqas Be Banned?

on Jul 15, 2009: its a cultural thing! if the women don't mind wearing them then let them be! you go girls!