Should Burqas Be Banned?

   By drodriguez  Jul 14, 2009

You may have heard about the latest controversy in France that was brought on when French president Nicolas Sarkozy said that he would ban the popular Muslim covering known as burqas as well as face veils.  Sarkozy stated, "In our country, we cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity."

With France being home to 5 million Muslims it is no wonder that a raging debate over women’s rights has begun.  The body coverings worn by many Muslim women has, in the past, been a required garment under the laws of such extremist groups like Al Qaeda.  An article from Paris’ Associated Press reported that since Sarkozy’s recent public statement, the National Assembly in France has put together a committee of legislators to study the wearing of burqas and face-covering veils, known as niqabs.

Jean-Francois Cope, head of the governing conservative party UMP, has also called for a ban on veils.  Cope was quoted as saying, "These clothes exclude women from the national community, deny their identity."  Cope believes the ban on burqas and niqabs should be done slowly in stages.

Still others believe a ban on burqas would be counterproductive for women’s rights.  Suraya Pakzad, executive director of the Voice of Women organization, told Reuters that she understood why Sarkozy disliked the idea of the burqa, but felt a ban on the clothing would be a mistake.  Pakzad said, "I am against the burqa being imposed by force.  But what Mr. Sarkozy is saying is another type of enforcement on women.  No one should be able to compel someone to dress in a certain way."

What do you think of French president Sarkozy’s threat to ban women from wearing burqas and niqabs?

Do you think this kind of ban would be counterproductive for women’s rights?


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basimah2kk by basimah2kk | Norristown, PA
Sep 21, 2009

@ Mousie I am a American and I should be able to wear whatever I want to wear (and I will). Just like I should not be able to tell you what to wear(and won't). Why are people so worried about what another person wear I say to you be your way and to me be mines. Knickers were not their religious dress. I guess in a matter of time the Nuns will be next.

mousie by mousie | Erial, NJ
Sep 07, 2009

If that is the way the muslims wish to live, they should move back to their original nation. People who had moved to other nations have had to change their culture for hundreds of years. When the Germans moved to America the knickers vanished, that is just one thing out of hundreds of items people eventually stopped wearing when they moved to America. Well this should be the same with the muslims-if they want to live in another nation they need to change their ways. Why should other nations have to tolerate those burquas?

mousie by mousie | Erial, NJ
Sep 07, 2009

If that is the way the muslins wish to live, they should move back to their original nation. People who had moved to other nations have had to chance their culture for hundreds of years.

basimah2kk by basimah2kk | Norristown, PA
Sep 06, 2009

As a women that covers I am hear to defend covering I never hear anyone say to a NUN they should not wear their modest garb. Must muslim women cover because we want to more than you think. Yes, there are women that don't want to cover but cover because it is the law (sharia) in the country which they live. I want to make a law not see no more butt cracks on women wearing low ride jeans and guts hanging out of their shirts but that would will not happen.

Bell_Fein by Bell_Fein | WICHITA FALLS, TX
Sep 05, 2009

Forcing them to NOT wear these items is just as bad as them being forced to wear it. Alot of these women aren't forced to wear it so much as they do it because it is their culture and religion. It is true that many women would love this ban, but how many would be horrified by it. I'm sure there are woman out there who do not like these items, but are stuck wearing them because of their husband. It would give these woman a way out, but how do you do it without imposing on others rights? I don't think you can.

yoga2day by yoga2day | Mountain View, CA
Aug 28, 2009

In light of horrific acts of extremism, with burqas used as cover for bombs and other things, and for the safety of all, I think they should be banned. Who knows what someone is hiding under their burqa!

MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Aug 26, 2009

Seems to me, if these women felt the need to uncover themselves by not using those items then they would've. Maybe they do still have old ways set in their minds. Who knows... I think they know they are not under Al Qaeda rule in France. I don't really know what to think of that whole thing, but banning the garmets seems a tad overboard maybe, since those women's outerwear is not harming anyone. "In stages" would probably be their best bet if they plan to execute this law. I bet outroars will occur though.

andies by andies | stockbridge, GA
Aug 25, 2009

I think what a woman wears should be her choice. If she isn't being forced to wear it it's okay.

smemmolo by smemmolo | Malden, MA
Aug 18, 2009

By banning this women would not be able to choose what they want to wear ...which is taking away rights!!!! I disagree with forcing a women to cover up her body but if she chooses to that is her decision!

hamster_mom by hamster_mom | LAS VEGAS, NV
Aug 18, 2009

I seriously doubt most if any of those women would wear those things if they had a choice.

sandz4321 by sandz4321 | FRANKSVILLE, WI
Aug 15, 2009

We live in America for our freedom. If France chooses to ban something (out of stupidity or fear) I hope we don't have to bail them out of the trouble they get it. Every person has the right to wear what they want to wear.

meiah717 by meiah717 | pittsburg, CA
Aug 15, 2009

No one should make a woman wear something she doesnt want that same respect n one should take away something she wants to wear...its her choice.

Janice183 by Janice183 | Salisbury, MD
Aug 14, 2009

Let it be the womens choice and goverment should stay out of it.

marian2011 by marian2011 | falls church, VA
Aug 14, 2009

is just stupid to tell people what to wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacgardens by jacgardens | CHICO, CA
Aug 11, 2009

Putting a ban on them is wrong. There should be a choice. Let them wear them if they want. Some women may feel they need to for what ever reasons.