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Is Cursive Coming Back To Schools This Year?

on Sep 18, 2015: When I was in 4th grade way back when, it was required to take and pass, even my sons and daughter now older can remember taking cursive handwriting. As one member stated you have to sign documents when your older in cursive writing, so yes it should be part of going to school learning how to writ…

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Enter #SheSpeaksTV's "Should A Women Be President" Giveaway!

on Sep 18, 2015: I feel Hilary Clinton would make a great female president, considering all our country has been thru in the past few years, I feel she will know the right things to do to make our country better.

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Join us for the #DrinkDripDrop Twitter Party with @dripdrop 3/5 at 2 p.m. ET

on Feb 28, 2015: i got my packets and unfortunately i got sick after drinking one so i tossed them out sorry SheSpeaks but i cant review this