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Thirteen Ways to Avoid Toxic Groceries

on Aug 17, 2009: Ok , Everything on this list is doable, but, I can not let go of my splenda and diet coke. I know soda is the worst thing in the world to drink all day but I love it . Caffine addiction is real. Thanks for the tips.

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Update Your Wardrobe Now For Less Than $50

on Aug 14, 2009: I love forever 21. But I wish there was a store like that for the 25 and up crowd. everything is so trendy. but I do shop TJ Maxx and marshalls. Any other place where is junky just turns me off.

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Cooking with White Wine

on Aug 14, 2009: I always used the cooking wine, but I will take the advice to use the real thing. Now that I think about it it makes perfect sense.