Update Your Wardrobe Now For Less Than $50

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Update Your Wardrobe Now For Less Than $50


Tip 1: Don’t Knock Costume Jewelry Till You Try It
A bunch of stores are now making cute, on-trend jewelry that’s almost too inexpensive to be true. SheFinds editors frequent Forever 21 for cocktail rings ? often under $5 ? and bangle bracelets to jazz up tanks and sleeveless dresses. The stuff that costs less than a Grande latte will probably fall apart eventually, but it’s worth the few wears, especially if you’re buying to match a special outfit. Even higher-end stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic have costume jewelry deals, and, in keeping with their aesthetics, the pieces are usually easy-to-wear and not at all cheap-looking.

Tip 2: You Should Buy Cheap Shoes
We’re in total support of splurging on shoes you’ll wear forever like that indispensable pair of black work pumps. However, if you’re feeling like a trendy fix, look in places you wouldn’t normally turn to for footwear. Tons of lower-priced retailers have great gladiator sandals ? the top trend this season ? for under $40. You can find them at Payless, Charlotte Russe, Target and others. You probably won’t want to wear them four years from now, so stellar construction doesn’t have to be a concern. For a roundup of the best places to buy great-looking, inexpensive shoes, check out the SheFinds Under $100 Shoe Guide.

Tip 3: A Little Color Goes a Long Way

"A little color goes a long way."
If you’re looking for ways to add interest to plain old outfits before you really get into your spring groove, gravitate towards small pops of color. Old Navy has a metallic belt on sale for under $10 ? surprisingly pretty with a floral dress ? and Urban Outfitters sells light scarves for about $30. Bright colors and metallics will add more visual interest, allowing you to get more mileage out of basics like tees and jeans you already own, until this season’s spring crop goes on sale.

Check out SheFinds comprehensive guide to discount fashions. There’s a source for everything on the cheap, from bras to bikinis.

What’s your favorite affordable fashion update? 

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  • Bailey76 By Bailey76

    I love Forever 21, they have the best trendy jewelery for $10 or less. I get shoes, clothes at Target and now with the big designers showcasing at Target you really get great stuff. Thrift store are great too, I've gotten unused clothing for less than $5! I love to find a great deal!

  • maryam1 By maryam1

    Buy items at the end of the season, this is sell you lots of money. The items are discounted up to 70 - 80% off at the department stores because,for they put out the new seasonally items. This really works!!!!

  • spam_ninja By spam_ninja

    In Murrieta, California found a store where everything is $16 or under!

  • jeanelley By jeanelley

    On my way to Forever 21!!! Thanks for giving great advice to the Discount Diva's of the world!!

  • GuessWho By GuessWho

    Retailmenot.com and nobrainerdeals.com are the top money savers for me. I am a thriftstore junky. I love when my church has a flea market because I usually get some really nice clothes. Where there's a clearance rack or a sale, that's where you will find me.

  • Dare2BDifferent By Dare2BDifferent

    I love this article! Some of the things I've done is made my own trendy jewelry with supplies I had bought a long time ago, altered/made my own clothes with garments and fabrics I already had, and bought budget hair accessories that are universally flattering to my wardrobe. Nothing like tightened purse strings to spur creativity.

  • drops0frayne By drops0frayne

    Forever 21 is an amazing store...they have all types of styles to suit everyones needs (cheap too). You can also try going to store where you can exchange or sell your gently used clothes, which could be a real help when you dont have that perfect outfit for that date coming up! Platos Closet is in my area and i've heard that there are many store just like it almost everywhere. Ali

  • pinkda9 By pinkda9

    you know i have checked out the goodwill here in my town and it is absolutly over priced. i can get things on clearance at macy's for cheaper then there.

  • meiah717 By meiah717


  • meiah717 By meiah717

    I pride myself on my ability to find a good deal...LOL. gotta love this blog. Godwill stores are awesome (especially ones in neighborhoods). forever 21 is great and new york and company always has awesome deals! Shopping online is always a plus, you can find great things for a fraction of the price. my biggest secret ... www.retailmenot.com ... you have to check it out!!! this site has promo codes for hundreds of popular stores!

  • lmccall By lmccall

    I love forever 21. But I wish there was a store like that for the 25 and up crowd. everything is so trendy. but I do shop TJ Maxx and marshalls. Any other place where is junky just turns me off.

  • hairteaser By hairteaser

    I'm in a Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx every week! I find tons of deals and get great brands for really low discount prices! My most recent steal was a gorgeous pair of Steve Madden heels for $39.99 compared to $70 original! And I even get my simple t-shirts there for $5, and great house stuff too! Discount store's are a girl's best friend in this economy!!:)

  • ladyjohnson By ladyjohnson

    I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and Burlington Coat Factory. Also try Charlotte Russe and Body Shop for acessories they have very good prices.

  • derbycarr By derbycarr

    Who sai Wet Seal???? My Daughter is 18 and very expensive but now she got me hood on that store. we can do so much more shoppping! She needed 3 Prom dresses this year, She got all dresses at Wet Seal for under $60.00 each .Made this mother so Happy!!!!!

  • zouzou87 By zouzou87

    I love shopping at macys I always find the best and cheapest prices on sale/ clearacne for all the brand name cloths

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