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Update Your Wardrobe Now For Less Than $50

Update Your Wardrobe Now For Less Than $50


Tip 1: Don’t Knock Costume Jewelry Till You Try It
A bunch of stores are now making cute, on-trend jewelry that’s almost too inexpensive to be true. SheFinds editors frequent Forever 21 for cocktail rings ? often under $5 ? and bangle bracelets to jazz up tanks and sleeveless dresses. The stuff that costs less than a Grande latte will probably fall apart eventually, but it’s worth the few wears, especially if you’re buying to match a special outfit. Even higher-end stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic have costume jewelry deals, and, in keeping with their aesthetics, the pieces are usually easy-to-wear and not at all cheap-looking.

Tip 2: You Should Buy Cheap Shoes
We’re in total support of splurging on shoes you’ll wear forever like that indispensable pair of black work pumps. However, if you’re feeling like a trendy fix, look in places you wouldn’t normally turn to for footwear. Tons of lower-priced retailers have great gladiator sandals ? the top trend this season ? for under $40. You can find them at Payless, Charlotte Russe, Target and others. You probably won’t want to wear them four years from now, so stellar construction doesn’t have to be a concern. For a roundup of the best places to buy great-looking, inexpensive shoes, check out the SheFinds Under $100 Shoe Guide.

Tip 3: A Little Color Goes a Long Way

"A little color goes a long way."
If you’re looking for ways to add interest to plain old outfits before you really get into your spring groove, gravitate towards small pops of color. Old Navy has a metallic belt on sale for under $10 ? surprisingly pretty with a floral dress ? and Urban Outfitters sells light scarves for about $30. Bright colors and metallics will add more visual interest, allowing you to get more mileage out of basics like tees and jeans you already own, until this season’s spring crop goes on sale.

Check out SheFinds comprehensive guide to discount fashions. There’s a source for everything on the cheap, from bras to bikinis.

What’s your favorite affordable fashion update? 

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  • arainagiggle By arainagiggle

    in new york city theres many cheap store that sells clothing n shoes no more than $25

  • NYCBeautyAddict By NYCBeautyAddict

    Great ideas! I bought a cocktail ring for $5 at Loehman's that really adds to the look of a simple t-shirt and jeans. Now all I need is a pair of cheap shoes in a fun summer color. I'm thinking about yellow!

  • pgarcia74 By pgarcia74

    I shop at discount stores such as TJ Max, Ross and Burlington. I recently bought two pairs of Michael Kors jeans for $30 each. I try no to spend more than $30 for most items, but because I do save so much on almost everything I buy, I do get to splurge on some items sometimes. I am classic and conservative, so the clothes I buy need to be good quality and long lasting. I don't mind paying over a hundred dollars for a good pair of jeans or fabulous shoes. Swimsuits can be very expensive but online shops like Overstock and Smart Bargains have great values. I just orderd to by Anne Cole for about $40 each. I pay attention to brands and sizes so that I can make sure something is going to fit me without trying on first.

  • LouiseKB4 By LouiseKB4

    I was able to snag a great ring at Forever 21 for $2.99. I'm hooked on all their great accessories, and the best part is it's REALLY cheap!!


    I am a great one for scouring the Thrift stores in higher end neighborhoods! You would not believe the designer names on everything from clothes, accessories, etc.! I am a trend-setter and dress according to my style so I love designing my own outfit at such steals!

  • snickerdoodle By snickerdoodle

    i can find costume jewelry and stilettos for cheap at charlotte russe or forever 21. also, when express has a sale, u can find sale items for half the price. the shoes and jewelry at the previous store cost under $30 and i found a bright summer dress at express for under 20!

  • djfulfords By djfulfords

    You can find so many great inexpensive little accessories just about anywhere. The dollar store, children's depts, clearance racks. You can just perk up any drab old thing with some color & you just do not have to spend much to do it. And of course, when in doubt throw in a great lip gloss & you can change the whole look.

  • kyoung85 By kyoung85

    I go to thrift shops and consignment shops for my bargains. You can find anything there from clothing to furniture.

  • purplerosecharm By purplerosecharm

    I look for coupons to use and catch the sale promotion which made me save a lot of money on clothes, makeup, food and everything. I shop year round for Christmas gifts and clothes, toys, everything when there're sale promotions. I will never buy clothes cost more than my set budget, especially for my kids. They grow so fast, it's a waste of money to buy expensive clothes and they don't fit in 3 months. The only one I would invest more is shoes. They need good shoes to support their foot.

  • amandita By amandita

    I like shopping at last week I got a new pair of sketchers for $22.00. Sometimes at yard sales you can find cheap clothes sometimes with the tag still on them. Also, we have a local clothing outlet store. I purchased a pair of pants, a shirt, and 3 pair of earrings for around $30.00.

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