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Victoria's Secret Wants You To Skip the Shirt and Wear Your Bra Outside

on Sep 22, 2016: Wearing a bra outside with no shirt just seems trashy to me. I love alot of their products but that is taking the whole sex appeal thing to far.

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Enter The @SheSpeakUp & @TomsofMaine #WhyISwitched Long Lasting Natural Deodorant Giveaway!

on Sep 22, 2016: I've never tried Tom's products but I have been interested in them recently. I'm trying to buy more natural products for my family. I would love the opportunity to try these products and review them.

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Footwear Trends We Can't Wait To Slip Into This Fall + Our #NewShoeGiveaway!

on Sep 22, 2016: I can't wait to get into my favorite pair of knee high boots, my knit sneakers and my blue jeans! I love fall!