Footwear Trends We Can't Wait To Slip Into This Fall + Our #NewShoeGiveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.20.16
Footwear Trends We Can't Wait To Slip Into This Fall + Our #NewShoeGiveaway!

Rather than lamenting the loss of your open-toed sandals, many of us see the fall as a chance to hit the shoe stores for all the latest styles the new season has to offer. And so far, 2016’s shoe trends do not disappoint.

From sexy textures like velvet to chunkier (which means comfier) Mary Janes, this year’s styles have us hoping for the cooler days to come.

What shoes are you excited about wearing this fall? Read on to see how you can win a $100 gift card to Zappos to buy your favorite new pair!


Paris fashion week has set the stage for velvets, especially in boots, according to FootWearNews. The luscious fabric is being seen in jewel tones, particularly blues and deep burgundies.

Socks + Heels

We know the strict rule many follow regarding socks with heels - just don’t do it! But somehow, models are making this look work for the fall so go ahead and pull those socks on with your heels if you’re feeling brave. It especially seems to work with shin length casual dresses for fall.

Chunky Mary Janes

This one from Purewow is our favorite - a look that is both stylish and comfy. Mary Jane style chunky heels in (you guessed it) deep jewel tones go great with casual daytime wear. At the same time, they give an elegant touch with evening wear, all the while keeping you comfortable on a more stable square heel.

Knit Sneakers

Take your sneakers up a notch by getting them in knit. It will keep you comfortable on that cool fall walk to work or on the playground with your kids.


Spice up boring shoes with some sparkle. Wether it's pearl, ornaments or jewels, decoration makes daytime wear more fun for the evening.

Sarah Jessica Parker Approved

You don't need to be a fan of Sex And the City to know that Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe-game is on point. And now that she has partnered with Amazon, her fall shoe line is sure to offer you all the latest trends and more. The actress and design icon recently spoke with InStyle about her fall shoe line saying, “I feel like I say this every time we get a new collection delivered, but fall '16 is really something else."

She goes on and verifies the current trends. "We played around with velvets for the first time—really rich, gorgeous, deep velvet hues—and they were a big hit among Amazon Fashion and our retail partners. We also experimented with different ornaments and jewels, even draping some across the back of a few silhouettes, like a backwards necklace.” She adds, “And our ever popular "Tartt" Mary Jane has inspired a whole new family of shoes on our beloved 50-millimeter chunky heel, showing up in a variety of colorways, materials, and styles.”

What shoes are you loving this fall? Tell us and you could win a $100 gift card to to buy your favorite pair!

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us what shoe you will be (or want to be!) wearing this Fall.


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  • gracecyz By gracecyz

    Knit sneakers and any comfortable heels will be perfect for the fall!

  • Inarae1 By Inarae1

    Beautiful footwear and I really like that you displayed Sarah Jessica Parker!

  • jenalexa01 By jenalexa01

    I would be wearing the knit sneaker please always on my feet and they look so comfortable and with the job I have I can wear them with anything especially in the fall. I would really love to win!!!

  • natasaangelidou By natasaangelidou

    Horrible!! Socks & heels?? And they call that fashion? Where is the fashion police then? Fashion should be flattering!

  • hofken By hofken


  • hofken By hofken

    I'm loving lace-up flats

  • BMoreau By BMoreau

    Chunky Mary Janes!! 😍

  • Momma2016 By Momma2016

    I am in love with the knit sneakers

  • Perrell By Perrell

    Knit sneakers

  • Chrissyz By Chrissyz

    Uggs :) all styles . I love them !!

  • Pamalily By Pamalily

    Definitely want the comfy knit sneakers for the gym and love the Mary Janes brings me back to my high school style!

  • beckster71 By beckster71

    I love booties! I will be wearing them to work and Happy Hour!

  • btrover77 By btrover77

    Not sure about that velvet.

  • 87mestes By 87mestes

    Chunky Mary Jane's in love with them.

  • rdrwifey By rdrwifey

    My daughter really wants a pair of uggs. I cant afford them and she is such an awesome kid. I would love to surpise her eith them. Thanks for the opportunity!

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