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Boobquake: Will You Participate?

on Apr 27, 2010: This is so stupid,I do not even have words.I think the Iranian cleric was smoking too much opium.

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Sink, Swim, Or Help Someone Else

on Mar 10, 2010: It has everything to do with upbringing.In my childhood days I was taught the "Golden Rule" do unto others.unfortunatly,this day & age,if you follow the golden rule,there are people,out there that will take advantage of your kindness.These are the same people that will trample your body into the g…

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Chatroulette: Will You 'Play The Game'?

on Mar 01, 2010: there is no possible way to regulate a web cam.I think a pervert thought up this idea.If you have children block this website NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!