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The Mane Event: Eight Hair-Care Myths Debunked

on Sep 20, 2010: thank you for debunking some of the myths out there. I brush and braid my hair and it keep it from getting tangled up and stay straight. i try to keep my hair from not putting to much product in my hair. I only put what i need for the moment to have my hair looking healthy.

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Facebook Crooks

on Aug 14, 2010: I have a love hate relationship with FACEBOOK. why i love it i can talk to alot of people at the same time. the hate part people think they are still in high school and post a bunch of high school type things. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! i have a "FRIEND" that post her face on every picture she sends …

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Why It Can Hurt To Be A Woman

on Aug 14, 2010: I complete believe in this because more women are taking on more and are the head of household. so this would create more symptons on us.