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More Men Go For The Mop

on Jul 31, 2008: Washing the dishes after dinner seems to make him feel like he has done a great deed. When we discuss him helping around the house more he gets very defensive and says he does. I don't think he has any idea what daily work goes into keeping a clean house with 2 kids and a not so helpful husband.

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Parenting Without A Paddle

on Jul 31, 2008: I agree. My mom just had to give me the look and I knew I better staighten up. I do not agree with spanking but I do feel parents need to make sure kids know who is boss.

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Paying More At the Pump

on Jul 31, 2008: Gas prices are causing everyone to adjust the way they live, if it would last only for a short time it would actually be good for everyone to learn to conserve and to live on less. Unfortunately I think we are going to have to cut back for a long time!