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More Bang For Your Back To School Buck

on Aug 22, 2008: oh yes check yahoo groups for anything school related for sure you get desks, basket ball nets, football equipment when they join leagues and when they join the scouts don't forget to look up the free cycle for the uniforms for sure just look up yahoo groups in your home town your county f…
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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

on Aug 22, 2008: This is my first time in the book area here too. Wow I haven't heard of this book myself. I will have too look for this it. I am vegin and it will be nice to see if I can find enough foods to grow on my land to keep me fed. I have 8 acres of nice land. Just not real good at keeping a year r…
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To Speak Or Not To Speak

on Aug 22, 2008: Wow I never thought of this being a real issue of this sort you all have really brought another way of thinking to me. As such there also should be more thought of what has the African American brought this land of ours. So should there be thoughts of what all of the Americans changed in this …
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