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The Right and Wrong Way to Workout

on Jul 21, 2008: I too always heard that you shouldn't eat right before working out. Also my hisband is always saying that when he goes running he has to go in black pants and a hooded sweatjacket so that he can loose more weight. That's scary that it just causes dehydration! I will have to let him know.

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Should You Drink To Your Health?

on Jul 21, 2008: Geez, I didn't know that it was said to be linked to cancer. Both of my parents have at least 3 glasses a day whether it be wine or vodka. I also was not aware that women get drunk faster. Thinks to keep in mind. I just turned 21, and have not had a drink since my birthday on the 21st. Even then I…

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Flip-Flop Wearers Beware

on Jul 21, 2008: I never knew that! I have worn flip flops for years..and during the summer I always have them on because I live on the water. It is the next best thing to being barefoot and it keeps your feet from being burned on the dock:)

Thanks for the info though, I will pass it on, and keep it in …