The Right and Wrong Way to Workout

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The Right and Wrong Way to Workout

With bikini season in full bloom, many of us are running (not walking) to the nearest gym to get in shape. There may be some extra steps we can take to make the exercise routine more worthwhile. A recent article from Newsweek reveals some of the worst workout habits to avoid and tips from some personal trainers.

One of the most common bad habits is reading while working out. The experts stress that gym goers should leave the book or magazine in the gym bag where it belongs. A fitness consultant with New York Sports Club advises people who need a distraction while working out to watch TV with earphones since that would take up less attention than a novel or magazine article.

Personal trainers would also like people to know that they can’t just sweat the pounds off. Though it is widely believed that exercising in a hotter environment and sweating more can help a person shed weight faster, the experts say all this does is cause dehydration. It is important to make sure to always have water at hand while working out as dehydration can lead to some serious risks like cramping and injury.

Making sure not to workout on an empty stomach may be one of the most valuable tips to take to the gym with you. You need all the energy you can get when you’re exercising and skipping breakfast before heading out will definitely affect your performance. Experts suggest a healthy snack prior to working out like oatmeal or a banana.

For a complete list of Newsweek’s worst workout habits you can visit .

What do you think of some of the worst workout habits listed above?

Are you guilty of bringing any of these habits to the gym with you?

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  • justamartin By justamartin

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  • hairs2u By hairs2u

    I have been working out for 10 yrs. 5 days a week. For the longest time I did not eat before working out. I always got sick if I ate to early. Now I have a protein shake before and after I work out and I am Starving if I don't do it. I also have a hand full of fruit with the shake before. You need something to jump start your metabolism. I do not work out to lose weight I work out to stay fit. You still need to eat!

  • mnem129 By mnem129

    Weight lifting and weight training are the quickest ways to change, shape, and tone your body. Cardio is obviously something that helps everyone, no matter what bodt type/shape you are, but cardio is also beneficial for maintaining your weight. If you're looking for faster results in a shorter amount of time to CHANGE your body, try the free weights or weight machines to help give your metabolism and body a boost.

  • obxforever By obxforever

    I have tried to eat a little something before I run ie: granola bar, small bowl of cereal, toast, and I feel awful. I feel so much better on my run if I drink water and no food in me. I always run in the a.m. as I think this works best for me to get my metabolism started for the day. I run outside everyday, I don't have a treadmill. I do enjoy being outside though. No dogs on my route....thankfully.

  • along513 By along513

    Without a doubt, I agree with Nordygirl and jjmix7, reading is very difficult to do while working out...especially if you are running or at a fast pace on the elliptical. I usually get bored if I am doing cardio on a machine, but the group exercise classes really have been my cure! I recommend cycling. The energy from the instructor and people around me always keeps me focused and even smiling.


  • JEM4612 By JEM4612

    I also agree with not reading while working out. I used to do this and found that I did not work out as hard as when I didn't try to read while working out. Now I usually just listen to music. Occasionally I will watch TV while using an elliptical machine; however, if I feel like I am struggling, I turn the TV off and the music on!

  • Tuppergirl By Tuppergirl

    Some of the workout no-nos were some I was doing. Reading while riding the bike is one lots of gym goers do, but I understand the reason we should not do it. My workout is more effective when I take my ear phones and music. I do push harder and pay attention to form.

    Eating a snack is something I do and it helps me complete my workout. It also keeps me from eating a big meal after!

  • nordygirl28 By nordygirl28

    I agree with the reading comment. I have done it and noticed that I slow down my workout. I've also noticed that when watching tv while on workout machines. You start focusing more on the show than on exercise. My #1 recommendation to people that don't like to workout or who need that extra boost is to do group exercise classes! You are inclined to keep up with the class and its harder to quit before the time is up because everyone will see you leave.

  • melis61424 By melis61424

    I always eat a little something before I work out in the morning, Like it says just eat something little, not a full breakfast meal..I usually have a health bar and some juice. You need something in your stomach to give you energy. When I work out with out eating something I can totally tell the difference. I usually can't work out as long as I could when I don't eat something compared to if I ate something.

  • ChefJess By ChefJess

    When working out it is very important to have something in your system, otherwise your workout will be running on empty. I find it best to drink a glass of water and eat something light like a bowl of cereal or banana with peanut butter. The carbohydrates from these help to keep up your energy level throughout a workout and are not heavy enough to slow you down. Also, I think that a good alternative to reading is to listen to headphones. I find that if I am working out with my IPOD I not only get a better workout, but it flies by.

  • firecracker By firecracker

    I believe that sweating alone will not make you loose weight, but I do feel there is a certain high that comes with sweating during a workout. It is important to stay hydrated before and after a workout of this type, but after joining Bikram Yoga no other workout compares. I did have to find a balance of how much to eat prior to working out, too much or too little makes the workout more difficult

  • historyhata By historyhata

    Well, I already do most of those things that are listed. I didn't even know that skipping a meal can definately affect your proformance. I'm glad I already skip out on a meal before working out.

  • Cropperhopper By Cropperhopper

    I have a chronic illness and I use the swimming pool to decrease the weight and tension put on my joints. I also use the treadmill and stretching in between the pool. I can't exercise for 30 minutes, because it will wipe me out, but I have worked up to 20 minutes on the treadmill and 1 hour in the pool. I usually listen to motivational tapes when I use the treadmill. When I get tired of that I have books on tape to listen to. I don't always like to watch tv. I have a tv built into the treadmill. I also use a hot tub after using the swimming pool to help loosen tight muscles.

  • usagiseiya By usagiseiya

    I heard eating usually (a snack only) like 45min before you work out is really helpful. I used to do that in the morinings bwfore I ran.

  • readingbetweenthelines By readingbetweenthelines

    I've tried eating before for a week and a week of eating after. I found eating a piece of fruit before made the workout eaiser I was't thinking about what I was going to eat when I got done and could consentrate more on the workout.

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