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Applebees Food

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Torani Sugarfree Hazelnut Syrup

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Mmm! Enter the #SheSnacks Food Frenzy & Win a Year's Supply of Peanut Butter Foods

on Feb 27, 2015: I love best... peanut butter on the spoon or in PB&J and the best J is mint jelly. Sounds horrible, but everyone I have given a taste of PB&J w/ mint jelly has fallen in love. I am a Painting & Surface Finishing Contractor and sometimes I start feeling punky & sluggish, I just grab a tablespoon …

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The Many Uses for Baking Soda (Part One): In the Kitchen

on Apr 11, 2012: in laundry to soften alkaline water

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Tips to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

on Apr 11, 2012: recycle, reuse, compost bin, re-purpose, magazines/books to retirement community, Spiral lights & lights out, rechargeable batteries, local growers-Farmers Markets, co-op, organic foods, gardening/my own fertilizer, chickens & guineas/weeders & insect pest eaters. Dog Cat- mix Purina w/ homemade. …