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10.10.10 - Let The Countdown Begin

on Oct 06, 2010: Totally obvious. For example, women's literacy is a key variable in determining the birth rate of a country. Increasing education for women in areas that produce militants has led to a decrease in available men for recruitment over time (their newly literate mothers and sisters tell them not to …

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Can A Woman Coach Football?

on Oct 05, 2010: Men can be gynecologists. Men can be annoying daytime talkshow hosts. Men can tell women what to do with their bodies (from anti-choice fanatics to plastic surgeons...) Why can't women coach football?

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Scandal On Sesame Street

on Oct 05, 2010: Katy Perry sucks. She is not an artist or a thinker: she is a sexist homophobic wannabe 50s throwback who is paid to be the front woman for well-engineered but poorly written pop. Sesame Street is garbage. I hated it when I was a kid. I hate it now. Considering how stupid American children ar…