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New Moms Are Smarter Than You Think

on Oct 29, 2010: Wow, I always jokes about having 'pregnancy brain' - I swear I thought the baby was sucking my brains OUT. I was so forgetful when I was PG. Maybe it's because the brain is growing in other areas. This is really facinating!

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Pregnant? A Little Wine Won't Hurt

on Oct 29, 2010: I did enjoy 1 small glass of champagne at a wedding with my first and with my second I relaxed a bit more and had maybe 2 glasses of wine throughout the whole pregnancy. I did not feel the least bit guilty and researched the effects and spoke with my OB before doing so. I say do what you are…

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The Power of A Mother's Touch

on Sep 22, 2010: WOW! This story brought tears to my eyes. What an emotional roller coatster for that family. Truly a miracle baby!