The Power of A Mother's Touch

   By drodriguez  Sep 15, 2010

An amazing story of the power of a mother’s love for her newborn is shocking members of the medical profession and warming the hearts of people around the globe.  Kate Ogg, a mother from Australia, tells the story of the events that unfolded after her son, Jamie, was born weighing just 2 pounds at 27 weeks gestation and showing no signs of life.  

After doctors tried for quite some time to bring Jamie Ogg back to life the hospital staff broke the heart breaking news that Jamie Ogg would not make it and the parents should say their final goodbyes.  Kate Ogg held her son’s lifeless body on her chest while she and her husband, David, tried to come to terms with the fact that their son had passed.  

After Kate Ogg cuddled and spoke to her son for 2 hours she noticed something was different, he began to gasp. After putting a call in to doctors they assured her he was still dead and that this was just a reflex, part of the process of dying. As time passed Kate Ogg noticed her son was gasping more and more and began to actually open his eyes, and then something that can only be described in the Telegraph by Kate Ogg as a miracle, “Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger.”  Doctors remain baffled as to how this could have happened.

Mr. Ogg believes his son is here today because of the loving skin-to-skin contact, known as “kangaroo care” in Australia, Kate was able to give him.  David Ogg says, “Luckily, I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife.  She instinctively did what she did.”  Jamie Ogg is now a healthy 5-month-old at home with his parents.  Unfortunately, the type of life saving skin-to-skin contact he was able to receive is not always possible for mothers to have with their premature newborns who are confined to incubators after birth.  Many people believe hospitals should take the healing benefits of a mother’s touch into consideration when trying to save a baby’s life.

What do you think of the story of this mom bringing her newborn back to life with a cuddle?

Do you think hospitals should considered this type of skin-to-skin care when treating premature newborns?

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mommasuesue by mommasuesue | Cedar Rapids, IA
Nov 15, 2010

WOW ! What a Mom to know to hold her baby with that kind of love !!! Yes hospitals should let some mothers help with their premies care .

Orchid25 by Orchid25 | RINGGOLD, GA
Oct 25, 2010

This story truely touched my heart. As I sit here trying to hold back tears from reading this it makes the world of sense to me. Mothers and their children have special bonds, I believe completely it was the mothers touch that brought the child back. I believe God gives mothers their loving embrace and their intuition. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 2 months ago and I am so blessed not to have gone through this. God Bless this little baby and his very loving parents!

erenfro by erenfro | Fort Worth, TX
Oct 22, 2010

This is AMAZING! My babies were, thankfully, all full term and healthy. I did hold them against me immediately after they were born and I nursed them immediately.

bcorrao by bcorrao | tyler, TX
Oct 15, 2010

I agree that human touch and bonding work wonders however Christ is the ultimate miracle maker.

josmommy by josmommy | toledo, OH
Oct 14, 2010

how amazing and how much of a little miracle Jamie is

xraymom by xraymom | Beaver Dam, WI
Oct 14, 2010

I work in healthcare and feel that interaction w/ parent and newborn plays a very important role in development and bonding. I feel that "kangaroo care" is vital in these kinds of situations. Parents have to remember that ultimately they are in charge and if hospitals say "no", the parents have to stand up for their rights and say "Yes!".

MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Oct 06, 2010

Doctors often give up to soon just because they group like cases to like cases ... but every outcome is / can be different like this blog shows. It just wasn't his time to go and I am glad that he is doing better now....

jmvega20 by jmvega20 | webster, TX
Oct 04, 2010

Yes I believe it 100%. My daughter was premature weighing 4 lbs. They would NOT let me do the kangaroo care thing with her but I kept insisting and finally they let me. She imidiately started getting stronger and better everyday and was only on oxygen for a few hours. Everyday they took one wire and one medication away b/c she no longer needed it. She was only in the hospital for one week and she is a very healthy normal little girl. You would NEVER be able to tell she was a preemie!

gogrl71 by gogrl71 | suisun city, CA
Oct 03, 2010

This strory is truely amazing. I definitly think that the hospital should do the skin-to-skin contact.

Aspiringauthor09 by Aspiringauthor09 | LAKEVILLE, PA
Oct 01, 2010

i think that strong emotions can pull people back from the dead. katie ogg loved her son, and whatever creator was up there wasn't about to take that much love away from a baby. just like the great thinker charles fort always said, there is no such thing as a coincidence. the power of human emotion is indeed so strong that it can bring a soul back from the dead.

kagsmom by kagsmom | Ball Ground, GA
Sep 30, 2010

Wow!! I'm so happy this story has a happy ending. A mother's instinct is right and a mother's love is the most powerful thing in the world.

mazo77 by mazo77 | Ayer, MA
Sep 29, 2010

yes and no. I definitely believe that skin-to-skin contact is extremely important for newborns, but you have to weigh that with the risks of infection, and other things. I think a combination of both incubator and skin-to-skin might work best so long as the baby is stable.

bonbon2007 by bonbon2007 | La Crescenta, CA
Sep 25, 2010

Wow,yes i believe in mom's tender touch,it does miracles.

Brindamorr by Brindamorr | NEW WINDSOR, NY
Sep 25, 2010

This story makes me emotional every time I hear or read it. it's is simply amazing.

blueiris by blueiris | Metropolis, IL
Sep 24, 2010

Wow, this story is amazing!! I had heard of skin-to-skin contact before with premies, but never realized how truly important it was. What an eye-opener for me! I am expecting my first child, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read this. I definitely think this should be an option in the hospitals.