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New Moms Are Smarter Than You Think

New Moms Are Smarter Than You Think

It may not just be your belly that grows when having a baby.  A new study coming from researchers at Yale University shows that a woman’s brain actually increases in size after giving birth.  The brain growth is being blamed on specific hormone changes that occur in a woman’s body during the weeks after having a baby.  

The study, reported about in Business Week, shows that the areas of the brain that increased in activity were the ones associated with maternal motivation, behaviour and the processing of emotions.  This may explain how new moms can deal with lack of sleep, constant feeding, diaper changing, etc. and still be able to care for their babies in a loving way.  

Interestingly, moms who showed more enthusiasm about their new babies experienced larger growth in these areas of the brain, whereas mothers who suffered from postpartum depression actually showed a decrease in brain size in these specific areas.  

Researchers believe this study proves a new mother may be driven more by their “active brain building” than an instinctual type of reaction.  The growth of brain volume is so significant in new moms because we generally do not see big changes in brain size over just a few months unless there has been a large increase of learning, brain injury, illness, or a major change in environment.

What do you think of the new study showing new moms show significant brain growth after giving birth?

Why do you think this is?

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  • mazo77 By mazo77

    I've had three kids, and I feel like I get more forgetful with each new child! I would agree that the brain increase is associated with maternal motivation, b/c man is it hard in the beginning!!!

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I think Moms always have to be on their toes and alert. I think that brain growth comes with multi-tasking...and we certainly do that, I think more so when we have kids.

  • sister3of5 By sister3of5

    I think our brain grows in order to get us ready for all the responsibility we have ahead of us. I am so glad mine grew so I could be ready for all that "new" math later on!! :)

  • FeliciaGarcia By FeliciaGarcia

    i have two children and i think if our brains didn't get bigger after having them our lives would be alot more hectic then they already are! =)

  • SmileItsCasey By SmileItsCasey

    My sister-in-law is three months pregnant, and was really excited to hear this! She said it's a good thing, because she's not sure how she's gonna handle all the new-mom duties!

  • josmommy By josmommy

    This acctually made me laugh a little cause since the moment I found I was pregnant with son number 1 I would've forgot my head had it not been attached.Reading this artical made me smile!Nice to know maybe I am bigger brained than I thought

  • fishersonia By fishersonia

    wow, I believe it! My brother just said the other day about his pregnant wife, "she isn't strong like you. I don't know how she is going to do it." And I said back, "you become strong AFTER you have the baby!" I liked this article.

  • Sparkleandshine By Sparkleandshine

    Wow, I always jokes about having 'pregnancy brain' - I swear I thought the baby was sucking my brains OUT. I was so forgetful when I was PG. Maybe it's because the brain is growing in other areas. This is really facinating!

  • jennwigg By jennwigg

    I, think nature takes care of our body & brains! We're always changing & so does are brain. This's great information for new mothers!

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    New moms have to be smart. Whether it's hormonal or not, babies bring is more maturity, patience, and love. All very smart things!

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