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A Little Of Your Time For A Big Cause

on Sep 18, 2009: I think this is wonderful. Anyone willing to take time out of their day is doing the right thing for a good reason, also turning tragity into help for others, how ever they can ... is a good cause to me!

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Lioness: Women At War

on Sep 18, 2009: I dont find it a good thing that these women were throw into combat like that. I have a differnt view point because i am in the military and i am currently in Iraq. The military dosn't keep woman off the front lines because we arn't equal to men, but for many other legit reasons. I is natruraly fo…

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Is It Your Legal Right To 'Shoot The Bird' In Public?

on Sep 18, 2009: As most people i know say, people who use profanity have no other way to express themselves, since they dont know any. So what is the differance between someoneing giving the finger, and another person using "big words and fancy talk" to express their feelings. Im not gonna call the pot black, i s…