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They Want You To Light Up

on Jun 08, 2010: I think tobacco companies should have a right to advertise their products to adults only since they are the only ones allowed to purchase tobacco products. In addition, just as some other products such as fatty foods and alchohol may potentially harm a person, they should be made to also state th…

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Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

on Jun 08, 2010: Teaching a child how to find his/her way around the city and leaving them in the park are 2 totally different things. What if someone gets hurt or a child gets bullied? I know I'm thinking the worst but I think it depends on how old they are and if there is a way to get help if needed (pay phone…

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Will Taxing Soda And Pizza Solve The Obesity Epidemic?

on Jun 08, 2010: Tax on junk food?! CRAZY. Where is the money going? Unless it's going to build a local community center/gym where people can get more involved with the community AND work out. Nice idea but it still won't prevent folks from eating pizza. Healthly folks eat pizza, it's all good in moderation.…