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Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepS… Rating

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May 06, 2017 : I bought these in every size and TOG value and I used every single one of them. My son's daycare …

Fisher Price Fisher-Price - Newborn Rock N'…

Fisher Pric… Rating

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May 06, 2017 : Our son had awful heartburn when he was an infant and the pediatrician recommended propping him up…

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Get Up & Move... And Win an iTunes Gift Card!

on May 06, 2017: I'll take the dog on an extra long walk!
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Introducing "Clear Coffee" To Avoid Coffee-Stained Teeth. Enter Our Starbucks #CoffeeGiveaway!

on May 06, 2017: I like my coffee with lots of chocolate! I think clear coffee would be interesting to try ... but I don't know if it could beat a java chip frappucino!
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A Muppet With a Message, Julia Lets Kids Know What It's Like to Be on the Autism Spectrum

on May 06, 2017: This is a great idea! I love how Sesame Street is helping kids learn at an early age how to be accepting of differences.
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