Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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I have had a dyson for years, two huskies, and still no loss of suction. Before this our vacuums lasted less than two years. Love it, wouldn't get anything different.

With two dogs and two cats, it seems like I can build a new animal by the time I am done collecting hair at the baseboards. Love this, makes life so much easier especially since I am vacumming twice a day.

I love my Dyson (DC25) Animal.. I don't know how I could clean without it.. Plus any problems are resolved immediately.. I wish everything could be this way.. Making a great product, and standing behind it.

I have the original Dyson and love it. I thought I would upgrade to the Animal once I bought a long haired German Shephard. imagaine my surprise when I discovered that the electrical cord was so short that I could not even vaccuum my bed and bath all at once with out having to replug into another outlet. My BFF said that her cord was long, so I guess I could have landed a defective Dyson?! Anyway, I hated it and sent it back. I still have my trusty original Dyson, even though it is all banged up and bruised!

Not worth the money at all.It does the same thing all canister vacuums do.gets clogged.It worked great the 1st 3 months then started acting lime crap.Dyson warrenty they cliam covers pretty much everything is a huge joke!

Works VERY well, but is way over priced. Such a shame that is so expensive because everyone should have one, very powerful & great for pet owners!

The day we purchased our Dyson Animal we had vacuumed the house with our other vacuum to see if this really did pick up more. We went purchased the dyson and came home and re-vacuumed the area we had just done an hour earlier with the other. We ended up having to empty the dyson three with all the extra hair and dirt the Dyson picked up. We will never go back ever again!

We love our Dyson DC 17 Animal! I never realized how much better a vacuum could be until we got ours. It picks up more dirt and pet hair, is easier to clean and moves easily. My 4 year old even enjoys maneuvering it around. It isn't too heavy and I can easily take it upstairs. I have been very happy with our purchase.

I have been using the Dyson animal vacuum for about six months now and absolutely love it. We have been renovating our home so I have spent a lot of time getting to know my Dyson and there doesn't seem to be anything it wont clean up. On top of that, my cat loves to sleep on the couches when I'm not home so there is usually a nice amount of cat hair on my couch pillows by the end of the week. I have had not problems with the Dyson and feel like I've really put it through a good trial. It's not light, but also not too heavy to carry up a few stairs. I would definitely recommend this vacuum.

What a little work horse. My dyson takes a pretty good beating and still does it's job 100%. The only thing I wish for was more onboard attachments. Other than that....couldn't get a better vacuum.

This vacuum is the best thing that even happened to my carpet! I have to warn you...it's a little scary and disgusting when you see the amount of dog hair etc that will be sucked up from, what you thought was, your "clean" carpet. I was horrified the first time! Now I feel so much better about my kids playing on the carpet after vacuuming with my Dyson Animal. Truly worth the money!!!

My sister-inlaw has the Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner. She has 2 big hairy dogs and she said that this vacuum works great!!!

I love this.It is the best to use to clean up a pets mess I use it daily

I LOVE MY DYSON!! It is the best vacuum on the market. It has a suction power like no other. Well worth the price. They last for years!!

I have to say my fiance loves this vacuum more than I do. When we first got it he used it on the whole house and was shocked how much hair and dirt came out of our carpet. With 2 dogs, 4 cats and a rabbit in our house we use this all the time and are very happy with it. the only issue I just started to notice after a year is that I actually do detect a smell coming from the vacuum. I am sure it's coming from the carpet really but the vacuum is now giving off that smell when we use it. I will have to try to figure out how to clean it as that happened to us with another canister vacuum in the past.