Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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Amazing!! This is the best vacuum I've ever used. Much more light weight and so much easier to use than a Kirby. The attachments are awesome too. We have 3 cats and it devours ever last bit of cat hair. It gets the carpets super clean too, you won't believe what it picks up. I recommend this vacuum to everybody!

I wasn't sure about the product from reading reviews on the web. But I saw a great deal on it, so I bought it. I'm so glad I did. Works great. I've got one kid and two golden retrievers. They make such a mess, but this works great on cleaning up after them. I have no regrets.

works great i will only buy Dyson from now on

This is the best vacuum I've ever owned. It's has awesome suction and the extensions are easy to hook up and use. I love my Dyson!

I love my Dyson. It really gets everything. I was confused on how to put the attatchments on too. There was a teen age boy in the store. He showed me everything and he didn't even work there.

I love mine! I have a black lab with light colored carpet, one run throught of the living room & EVERY little hair that was shed it picked up! Very light & easy to push & easy to empty, no bags:)

Love, Love, Love my Dyson. Best vacuum ever!!


this is the best vaccum i have ever owned my is getting a little over worked hope to get a new one again as soon as i can afford it

I own one and am thoroughly impressed with its power, how easy it is to empty the canister, and the suction on the all the attachments. It handles pet hair easily and is a pleasure to use. I love that I can find its manual online and have discovered that we can buy parts online should that ever be necessary. A great buy!

I use mine daily. With two small children, four dogs and two cats its a must. I love all the attachments. Nothing gets dog hair off the couch like this does. I have hardwood, area rugs and carpet. Love the ability to turn the brush bar on or off.

I love my Dyson. I've had it for around 5 yrs now. I had some part on the bottom break a yr or so ago, I called Dyson and they mailed me the part. No questions asked. I paid over $500 for my Dyson, it's a hefty price to pay at one time, but think about this..... if you buy a cheap vac and have to replace it every yr....how much does that add up to after 4 or 5 yrs? Has it lost suction.....I'm sure that's a question people really want to know about because Dyson claims their vacs don't. I can say with my head high....that my Dyson has not lost suction power. It still does a great job after all these yrs. I have had as many as 3 dogs at once while owning this vac. I have had stuff get caught up in it, pulled it out, vac still ran although it stunk for awhile, I thought it was burnt up....now the smell has gone away and vac is still going. The suction on this vac isn't going to make you scream wow, but the fact that it hasn't lost it's suction after 4 or 5 yrs is great. My one issue is the extension wand to reach places....it's stiff, maybe I just never handled it enough to break it in. Bagless is great and easy to dispose dirt and then clean. Not the lightest vac, but that's because it's a good quality. I would hate if this thing stopped working because they are so expensive....but I would buy another.

I absolutely LOVE this vacuum! Have had several other brands prior, but none pick up or hold up like the Dyson. I live in Florida so have a lot of sand coming into the house via our dog, and it is miraculous to me how well this vaccum picks up and doesn't blow it out the other side. It is vacuuming to perfection!

I love this vacuum! I have a in home daycare where there usually are 6 to 10 children a day and boy can they be messy, I also have a long haired cat and live in a sandy area. I've had this vacuum for about 5 years and am still amazed with how good of job it does. The only problem I have had was a burnt out clutch, but with the use it gets something like this was expected. I love the ease of the bagless feature and how easy it comes apart for a good thorough cleaning every couple months. I recommed the Dyson products to all my friends and family.

This vacuum is a dream come true! There is not much this Dyson will not do. The only drawback is the price, it is a little on the high side, but it works so well that it is worth it. Wonderful for picking up pet hair and that sets this apart from other vacuums.