Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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I bought one of these through store pick up at Walmart. I was so excited to try this thing out, and with three dogs was really looking forward to a super clean carpet. When I got it home and put it together (it was super easy to assemble, it came in three pieces that just snapped together, no screws), it did not suck anything off our floor. I checked all the connections and everything, and sure enough it was assembled correctly and there was some suction but it was less than our cheap Eureka we retired because it broke. I was so disapointed, especially for the price of the vacuum. I immediately returned it and bought another Eureka, a third the price and so much more powerful.

I don' like Dysons one bit. They are awkward and when you need to use the hose it is very uncomfortable. Way too much money for this too!

i would never waist my money on a Dyson. i cleand a friends house after she had sugery. she had a dyson. it would not pick up glitter. cleand it and tried agin and it still woulndn't. i had to take my vacume over. then had a man working for a dyson repair shop tell me they suck. they do not work like they say brake down alot, and if you need anything for them you will pay more.

Dyson Animal vac i purchased one of these by Dsyon several years ago. the first one did not work. i took it back and got another one. the suction was terrible on the second one as well. it took over a year for dyson to finally respond. they said before they could give me back my money, which was almost 400.00 plus, i would have to send it back to them. i sent it back and got another one. guess what, it was broken at the shaft when i opened the box. dyson refused to give me my money back so i went back to the store where i got it. after arguing with them finally i got my money back. i was told that several employees had purchased this same vac and had the same problems. i would never buy another dyson.

I have owned my Dyson for 5 years. Thankfully it came with a 5 year warranty, since it's been in the repair shop 5 times. The suction is not as good as I would expect for an expensive vacuum cleaner. (one of the reasons it's been in the shop a few times) The majority of my house is hard wood floors and I'm constantly shocked at how little the Dyson will pick up. If there are pine needles on the floor, it takes at least 3-5 passes with the vacuum. The same goes for tiny pieces of paper. I do think the suction on the hose is good though and haven't seemed to have any problem at all with that. My husband calls this vacuum my "$600 piece of plastic", which is exactly what it is. The entire thing is plastic which doesn't make me think that it'll last for years to come.

Not worth the money at all.It does the same thing all canister vacuums do.gets clogged.It worked great the 1st 3 months then started acting lime crap.Dyson warrenty they cliam covers pretty much everything is a huge joke!

I thought I had purchased my last vacuum cleaner - but not so - it tore my throw rugs up - pulling up the fibers. If I cannot use it on all surfaces - whats the point. Took it back and got a cheaper vacuum that cleans all my floors.

I purchased this over priced vacuum because I thought it would be quality made. Unfortunately after a few weeks of using it daily, It stopped sucking up but still ran. Being how expensive it was, I tracked down a vacuum repair shop to get the issue resolved. I was told the clutch burnt out as Dyson uses one clutch- that both runs the vacuum and works the height adjustment for floor cleaning. The repair shop told me the repair part would cost a couple hundred. This problem taught me 2 things, #1 always buy a warranty, and #2 never buy an expensive product- they always have expensive replacement parts too!

while I wish I could give a high rating I sadly do not own a dyson. We recently bought a home with carpet and now have no vacuum cleaner. We are on the market for one and this particular model is something that would suit our needs perfectly. I would love to have the opportunity to test this Dyson in my home.

this vacuum picks up dirt well and is easy to clean. However it is awkward the way it moves and a little top heavy. The hose is hard to use and was not long enough to really do any deep cleaning with and was extremely hard trying to use it on the stairs. I do not plan on ever buying another one.

Never again will I buy a Dyson I wanted a Dyson vacuum ever since I learned about them. For years I wanted one but it just seemed too much to spend on a vacuum. Then my dad was getting ready to retire. She bought one for me for my birthday and you'd have thought I won the lottery with how excited I was. For the few months it was the best vacuum I'd ever owned. I thought it certainly lived up to the hype. I have 4 kids and 3 cats. I quickly started realizing that the tube was WAYYY to small if I accidently vacuumed up a small LEGO it would clog, a shopkin? clog, a tiny piece of paper? clog. a dime? clog. It got to be that every other time I vacuumed I'd end up spending more time taking apart my vacuum to unclog the attachment tubing. I quickly learned every where to check for clogs and take it apart and put it back together. It was frustrating. I had a $60 Bissell vacuum that would suck up a sock and keep going! Literally, it happened one time. Then after about two years it just stopped working all together. I mean, it would turn on but it just wouldn't suck anything up at all. My dad was a letter carrier. He'd tell me he'd have to pick up people's Dyson all the time because they'd have to be sent back to the manufacturer to get fixed with some people not seeing their Dyson again for up to 2 months. I couldn't go two months without a vacuum with a family of 6! We finally decided to give it up for scrap. When I took to facebook to voice my frustration with my Dyson especially with how much it cost I had several friends tell me similar stories and they told me they'd never by a Dyson again. I'm in that club now.

I really enjoy my Dyson (I've had it for about 2 years now) - it works great and really picks up the dirt! The only thing I dislike about my Dyson is that it's sometimes hard to use the attachments. No problems putting them on but the way the handle is angled I can't get into many tight spaces.

Works VERY well, but is way over priced. Such a shame that is so expensive because everyone should have one, very powerful & great for pet owners!

I have the original Dyson and love it. I thought I would upgrade to the Animal once I bought a long haired German Shephard. imagaine my surprise when I discovered that the electrical cord was so short that I could not even vaccuum my bed and bath all at once with out having to replug into another outlet. My BFF said that her cord was long, so I guess I could have landed a defective Dyson?! Anyway, I hated it and sent it back. I still have my trusty original Dyson, even though it is all banged up and bruised!

It picks up well, but not worth the price.Since it's bagless you can smell the pet dander.