Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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My lil ones butt couldn't use other wipes or she will brake out another life saver..I wo Deff be using these on my next due July 13 ;)

My brothers wife just recently gave birth to my baby nephew and these are the wipes I purchased for them I have never purchased these for myself, my son but after one use of using them while babysitting i can honestly say these are really good quality the ones I usually use fall apart and nobody wants that while changing a poopy diaper.

My daughter started to have a reaction to the other wipes we were using and I decided to try pampers sensitive and they worked wonders. Will not use another wipe!

These wipes are very gentle and delicate for babies skin. I personally just feel they are not thick enough and they have a slick feeling residue that i feel they leave behind. I think for more heavy duty jobs, a thicker wipe is needed. But these are okay for quick clean up of the face and hands.

Very moist wipes and slick feeling with wiping with them. Huggies wipes feel thicker and not so moist.

These wipes are too thin and I feel as though they spread the mess around instead of picking it up. It is very frustrating when you have a child that does not want to get their messy diaper changed, and you have to use more and more wipes because the mess is being pushed around instead of cleaned up. Pampers is a very good brand overall, I just prefer other wipes.

These are great. My daughter has really sensitive skin and cant use anything. Good thing for these.

I love that these wipes don't irritate my twins' skin, but wish it was thicker, and worked better. I use several wipes to do what one or two should have been able to do. Would recommend to those who have babies with sensitive skin and don't care about using 4 wipes to get the job done.

These wipes are extremely ridges to help wipe and they are basically useless. They do not clean my daughters poops up without using at least 5 wipes per poop! They also are horrible for cleaning messy hands and toddlers hands have crevices and wrinkles and i need a wipe to get in them! These wipes are ok for face wipes but nothing more than that. I expected a better wipe from Pampers

These wipes are by far, better than some. Can be a tad costly but overall you get what you pay for with these wipes. I used them for years when my kids were younger and they worked fantastic for me.

My favorites wipes ever, even I was using them for my personal cleaning long ago before I had my son. Love it! I

this work great. we use them to clean my baby's face and hands after feedings.

Great wipes If you use them. I have used them before and they were okay, I myself cloth diaper and use cloth wipes on my son.

I love these wipes! They are super gentle on my son who has extremely sensitive skin.They are thick and smell good. Only downfall,I've noticed pampers wipes tend to stick together,tear while pulling one out,or do not come out continuously and with a messy diaper...ease of access is a must. Besides that,they are superb for sensitive skin!

My daughter has sensitive skin so these are perfect. We tried other sensitive brands but they would irritate her.