Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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These are the only wipes I use. They are hypo-allergenic, and don't have a perfumy smell like other wipes. I have also had other wipes that are too thick, but these are much more flexible, which is good. All in all, until my son is potty-trained, these do the job!

nice smell, soft, leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized, and (the biggest win for me:) they come apart easily when pulling them out of the box. when you have a squirming, crying baby in front of you, holding legs so they don't get feet in the dirty diapers (or knock the diapers contents out!), etc. it's VERY important that you aren't fighting with the wipe box trying to get a single wipe!

Love these wipes! So soft and clean nicely. There not hard and rough on the skin like other wipes. Only downside, no scent, but I rather have no scent than a sore butt.

I love these wipes, they leave the skin feeling amazing! They also are the best for my super sensitive baby and toddler! LOVE THEM!

I love pampers wipes it gets the job done.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my daughter has the most sensitive skin EVER. These wipes saved her poor little bum! Sooo worth the price,love 'em!

My favorite brand!!

These are perfect for cleaning up messes the little ones make but also great for keeping in the car and my purse!

I just love the Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes especially the ones with the Baby Fresh smell...These wipes work so great on messy diapers...I also love the fact that Pampers has made small packs for on the go...Now I can carry them with me in my diaper bag...

I like that these stretch. I'm not sure that "stretch" is necessarily an important quality, but I can grab either end and pull and the wipe does not tear or crumble. Since these are the "sensitive" type, I feel comfortable using them to clean my daughter's face. I went through a case and never saw a rash.

My daughter has sensitive skin so these are perfect. We tried other sensitive brands but they would irritate her.

this work great. we use them to clean my baby's face and hands after feedings.

My favorites wipes ever, even I was using them for my personal cleaning long ago before I had my son. Love it! I

These are great. My daughter has really sensitive skin and cant use anything. Good thing for these.

My daughter started to have a reaction to the other wipes we were using and I decided to try pampers sensitive and they worked wonders. Will not use another wipe!