Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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I do not like these wipes because they are so slick that they slide right over my child's bottom and leave behind poop. It takes more wipes to clean the poop than if I use Huggies wipes, which are thicker and seem to pull more of the poop off. They are ok on pee only diapers, but I am just not a fan of the texture and feel to these wipes.

I do not like the pampers wipes because they are very thin and it is hard to clean up a messy diaper. You have to use a ton of them! Huggies is the brand I use because they are thick, durable, and you only have to use one or two for a really messy diaper. They are also cheaper than pampers!!!

Never try again

Not a huge fan of Pampers wipes. They don't have a lot of moisture on them so I have to rub harder to clean my son's bottom. And I have to use more wipes because of it.

I'd rather use a Kleenex these are super thin and tear easy. They smell funny too.

these actually gave my son a rash.

I thought I was going to like these, but they smell bad. Won't buy again.

Worst wipes ever! Even though they say "sensitive" they have a very floral scent to them and caused hives on my kids bum, not cool! Also they are very thin and a finger can easily be poked through while vigorously wiping, not cool again. They also have a slimy feel on the skin because they are so over saturated in soap.

I purchased a large box of these off Amazon due to some major savings I had on them. I was using them on my newborn and he would scream every time I did. At first I thought it was due to them being cold since I didn't use a warmer. Well, one day I was in tears and crying over something, and I grabbed one of these wipes to clean off my face. My face started BURNING. Literally burning! Not in my eyes, not in my nose... but my skin was burning! I immedietly switched brands to use on my newborn and he's stopped screaming during diaper changings. I have no idea what's in these ... but sensitive skin wipes? These are a no-go.

in my opinion to slaying

I thought these wipes were flimsy.They didn't hold up well at all.They had a light scent that was nice. I will stick with the Huggies wipes from now on.

Not the best Pampers wipe. I don't like these because they're very thin and drenched at times. It can sometimes feel like mopping a dirty floor with a really wet mop...and just pushing the dirt around.

These were no better than store brand wipes that I tried, and they are a lot more expensive. :( I have always heard everyone rave about how amazing Pampers is, but they have never impressed me, not terrible, but not great either. Just okay. They are sooooo thin! It took 10 times more wipes to do one diaper than the Huggies wipes that I prefer to buy.

I like that these don't really have a scent, but.... I think they are too soft and slippery. They are too soft. I think it would work for a newborn, but on my 1 year old... it takes more wipes to get the job done, then Kirkland Signature wipes do.

I initially had liked these when my son was an infant as I felt they were sensitive on his skin & didn't give him a rash. So we preferred them over others. but as he got older we prefer Huggies because of the thickness. If they had the pampers sensitive formula w the huggies thickness-those would be perfect! I might recommend to a friend of a newborn child but not beyond that-especially when they start solids.