Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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This is the best for pet hair. We tried a few other cheaper vacuums and they always clogged up quickly,not this one,it picks it up with ease. It is worth the money if you have pets,I use it on the hard woods floors after I sweep and I love it,it has made life with animals so much easier !

Expensive but SOOOO worth it! 3 house dogs and twins ready to crawl, so I always have my Dyson handy! It works great! I needed a vacuum that works fast & well, this has exceeded my expectations, and I am glad I spent the extra money for it!

Love my Dyson, that''s all I can say

This vacuum works so well for our house filled with yellow lab hair. We live in the south where it is really hot. I think our lab's body is confused so she drops hair by the bucket load all year long. It doesn't clog normally...but ours started making funny noises and blowing hair around rather than sucking it up. Since it was out of warranty my handy hubby looked up how to take it apart online and gave it a super cleaning and pulled out lots of dog hair that must have been wet when vacuumed up cause it was a clump. Anyway...works just like new again!

I will ever go back to those sorry excuses for other vacuums. This vacuum is amazing. As a very particular person and with allergies, a clean and dust free environment is very important to me. I would alway recommend this vacuum if not this brand to anyone unhappy with their current "dust mover".

I do not own a dyson, however I have used my friends in her home and it s amazing and on my wishlist.

I just wanted to let you know I have been a fan of Oreck vacuums for many years. I received my new dyson Animal yesterday and put it to the test today. I vacuum weekly with my Oreck so you can imagine my shock and pleasure when I saw the canister fill up with so much dust and that amount only in my master bedroom and bathroom!! It maneuvers much better than the Oreck too. I would have never believed it unless I had experienced in my own home. Thank you for the best vacuum EVER!!

My husband and I bought this on Cyber Monday 2011. And I can not live without it. When we first vaccumed our carpet when we got it we could not believe all the dog hair that it got up. And we thought our capet was clean. It is still working like a charm and we use it almost every other day. If this vaccum ever goes I will be getting a new one.

Love, love, love this vacuum! I have a cat and a giant Lab that sheds what amounts to hairballs the size of a Pomeranian, daily. I have had many vacuums over the years and none have held up half as well as my Dyson. I am not one to spend large amounts of money on items such as these, but this vacuum was worth every penny.

I have the Dyson Animal for about three years now. I purchased it almost immediately after getting our first dog. We know have two dogs, a boxer and english bulldog with white straight hair. The vaacum that we had had at the time was not doing such a great job of picking the hair up off of the carpet. In the last 6 months we have moved into a home that has hardwood flooring and added two baby boys to our family. I was sceptical about using the vaacum on the hard sufaces. This vaacum is the best!! I no longer have to sweep and then dust mop afterwards. The Animal cleans the floor in half of the time with half of the effort without scratching or compromising the hardwood. It cleans up crumbs left by the kiddies too! I would highly reccomed this product to anyone with pets or children!

I have this vacuum, and I love it so much, my husband refers to it as "the other woman." It picks up like a dream, is easily maneuverable and can be cleaned in a cinch! And a plus, if you do have to call the help line, the Dyson employees were fast, and the nicest people I have talked to in a while

Mine worked great at first but, after about two years the suction is not so great.

I love my Dyson. It is the only vacuum that I have ever owned that has not fallen apart. I love that it picks up all the dog hair. We have two dogs, and they shed a lot and this vacuum picks it all right up. Great vacuum.

I can't tell you how much I love my Dyson. I have had it for 8 years now and no issues. I love it! Well worth the money. And the animal version is the way to go if you have pets.

I absolutely LOVE my Dyson Animal! I have had it for a long time & even though it is very expensive, it was so worth it! It recently was not working very well & I took it into a Dyson store to check it out & they did $375 worth of parts & labor for FREE! It works amazing now! I recommend the Dyson Animal to anyone that mentions they need a vaccum.