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I like etsy and use it myself! There are so many different things out there that are one of a kind. You could spend hours browsing this site and not even know it!

I have orders for Etsy and I just love it so many artist and its just blows my mind LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

Got my teen a necklace and she loved it, the product arrived fast and the person was very nice.

I love Etsy! I recently had my logo designed & purchased some business cards from a great designer. I love looking around for great one of a kind items.

I used for my wedding. I had the ring bearer pillow made with our names and date on them. My nephew kept it, but I wanted it to be more personal. It was great to get such a unique item for a great price.

They have really amazing things on here! Most of the artists accept PayPal, which is a big plus in my book. There are artists from all over the world and they all have very interesting things. I love it!

i LOVE Etsy! I get all of my mineral makeup on there from a certain retailer. I haven't gone back since. Great stuff.

I love Etsy - I discovered Erzulie Cosmetics and Back to nature Goat Milk soap. I love that people have their own hustle and are talented enough to promote/create their own products. The prices and shipping are usually reasonable.

LOVE the site! It's a little expensive but once you consider these are other families just like yours making/selling the items, it's in perspective for me, rather than shopping at large corporations.

I live for this website! I actually got a custom made John Lennon and Yoko Ono sundress to wear at my Beatles themed wedding. Only cost me 110 dollars for a dress made to my exact specifications. Great, great, great! love it! I like spending time here. They have great hand made things.

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Anything artsy you can imagine. There is something for everyone at every price range. This is a great place to connect with artists.

I really like this site :] Some items are a bit expensive, but I agree, the people on the site are totally willing to work with you.

I too love the hand made products being sold on the site. however, I find some of the products a little bit too expensive at times. other then that, if you have the time or have a hobby, this is pretty good.

i have found etsy to be exactly as you said.. i went there to order soap and i thought the seller was just the friendliest.. i absolutely love shopping there.. i try my best to support it and look there before i check other stores for items.. simply to support the sellers.. i think its a great avenue for ppl who have special talents with making hand made items to put their products out there..