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Not a big fan. The site is ok but doesn't really pull me in

I love Etsy as a buyer. As a seller, not so much. The fees are crazy and the customer service is almost non-existant.

Enjoyed the different individual stores via Etsy but have to give a low rating due to Etsy itself. Signed up for an account, was in the middle of purchasing, had emailed a question to a seller - when Etsy blocked my account from me - without any notification. I emailed them several times with no reply not a good practice to shut customers out without any reason, then not notify them or reply to their concerns - do not let my bad experience keep you away from Etsy - they do have many wonderful sellers on their with amazing products!

A lot of items look handmade and tacky...its like an online flea market

I love looking through all of the great items on here, but have never actually bought anything. The prices have kept me from that.

I would never recommend to anyone since the seller I bought from 2 months ago is still very sparse in communication and I still have no received my package or a refund and the shipping costed more than the actually product but I wanted it so I paid it and I still have not heard anything from her.

While there are loads of fantastic artists who actually handcraft their wares, there are also loads of cheaters that purchase their "handmade owl necklaces forged in a cave by a Peruvian princess" from Oriental Trader and hike up the price by 500%. This doesn't keep me from using Etsy but it does make me question the authenticity of a lot of items.

They have amazing things on here. Everything is unique and vintage like which I love. The only problem is the prices they ask for.

I really enjoy finding unique presents on Etsy; however, the search function is non-existant. The amount of products are overwhelming and there is not an efficient way to sort through them. Also, products tend to be overpriced.

I love all the handmade things but you would have to list multiple items all day in order for people to see your goods. It shows them in a newest order.

Etsy is such a great site for crafters and buyers. I'm always browsing the unique things that show up.

So great if you're creative and trying to make money, or trying to find a one of a kind gift or decoration for your house.

some ppl are way overpriced for items but its a nice site, has everything you can imagine.

You can get some good finds but sometimes you have to search a while to find it.

I love Etsy...I could spend hours just browsing. I love to look at all of the vintage items!