Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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love all the songs!

She isn't my favorite artist of all time or anything but I think she does great. I do love the new stuff she has come out with. She has done the country thing and rocked it for years so why not try something new. Shake It Off gets me dancing every time.

Give her a break--look at all she has accomplished at such a young age! Taylor was and is fearless and this is the perfect CD to have in your car.

Only a few songs on this album I actually like so I had to give it a 4 star!

Love taylor

Great Album!Love it!

Great songs! My daughter and myself love it!!!

Some songs on the album are great...but i would recommend buying the songs individually on iTunes instead of spending money on the whole CD

Taylor Swift is an incredibly horrible singer. Have you heard her live? I do like a little amount of her songs, but I do not like how she complains about her "loves" in her songs. I am not meaning to judge but Taylor Swift is not for me.

Not my favorite...

I do not like Taylor swift, I wouldn't recommend.

Taylor Swift has the catchiest songs! I just can't help sing along when I hear them on the radio! I have every single one of her CDs and almost all of the songs are good! I would definitely recommend buying them if you are into her genre.

My daughter and I love this album! Very good for all ages.

Catchy, relatable, inspiring, this album covers every topic when it comes to your love life - and other topics, too. Taylor Swift is known for writing sings that sound like they're words taken out of your diary and paired with a lovely tune. She's a growing artist, who has covered many topics and is a great role model for anyone. She is humble, kind, funny, quirky, and intelligent all wrapped up in one package. The album features songs to dance to, songs to cry to, and songs that make you want to go out and LIVE.

I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan I believe she needs to eat some more donuts