Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

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I am giving Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs a very positive review. I love this product! This is very wonderful and convenient. I am a klutz in the kitchen so when I'm fiddling around with automatic dishwashing detergent, I wound up with a mess. The "Action Pac" is very simple to use by taking a pack and putting it the detergent cup of the dishwasher. I have to minus one star as the previous reviewers do state that the Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pac does leave a white residue to some plastics. My plastic cups turned out okay but my plastic divided plates have a very ugly splotchy appearance. Perhaps the matieral of the plastic is not compatible with Cascade Action Pacs. I am very pleased on how my bakeware turned out. The claim of the removes baked on food only applies to typical use. But If something is really crusted like I scorched food in the bakeware, I find it needs some scraping off and some slight scrubbing helped. Keep in mind that the no rinse claim is true but you have to instead scrape off food debris. This step is very important because by scraping prior to starting the dishwasher, there are no large food particles lingering on the dishes after washing in the dishwasher. The thing I love the most of the Cascade 2 in 1 action pac is that my stoneware dishes and my glasses are very sparkling, pristine and immaculate after being washed! Thanks SheSpeaks for sending me the product for review!

Worked great when I had my dishwater... Ohh how I long for those days again... LOL It really did help keep the water stains off the glassware - nice & shiny!!!

Loved it worked wonderfully! I was worried at first but then I opened the dish washer! There were no worries then! Wonderful product!

I don't use these regularly but I had a sample and it seemed to work great. It was nice to just through the tablet in instead of the powder.

simple and easy to use works well in hard water could be a little less spendy but hey good product

I don't have to rinse my dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher :) One cycle in the dishwasher cleans everything the first time, everytime! Superior product!! Will buy in the future!

Love these! Not usually a fan of the gel packs but tried these and am very happy with them. No muss, no fuss!!

I recieved a sample pack of these and was scepticle when told not to pre-rinse my dishes. After trying the whole package I can honestly say I will be buying these from now on. You really do not have to pre-rinse your dishes, just throw them and start your dishwasher. The dishes come out clean with a refreshing smell and no residue. The only time my dishes came out dirty was when my husband overloaded the dishwasher and put the pans upside down....LOL. He will not be doing anymore dishes. Love love love Cascade Action Packs.

I love these! My dishes come out so clean! I also love the convenience of knowing exactly how many I have left instead of wondering how much I have left in the bottle! LOVE THEM!!! Won't use anything else!

I've used packets for years, but these packets were wonderful. I didn't have to prewash and my silverware looked wonderful coming out of the dishwasher.....Love this product and will be purchasing these from now on.

These worked really well in my dishwasher. My dishes seemed cleaner and spot free!

This was my first time using packets. I've always used liquid cleaner. The first time I used it I thought I was making things up in my mind because the dishes came out so shiny. I decided to grab the stuff I always use for the next load of dirty dishes. They were ok. Nothing spectacular. My next load of dirty dishes I went back to the Cascade packet and there was a huge difference! First of all, the smell is so clean! Secondly, I felt as though my dishes had been given new life. I kid you not, the plates looked brand new. I've had them for 12 yrs! Third, they were so sleek and shiny. I could actually feel the difference on the dishes. No film left on them. Just shine! I won't be going back to the liquid! I'm sticking with the packets.

I've used these with my 9 yr old dishwasher and it's great. I can get my dishes clean now. At least until I can get new dishwasher. Saves washing so much by hand. I'm for it.

Cascade Action Pacs work great! Dishes come out clean and dry with no prerinsing necessary. They don't leave spots on your dishes like other dishwashing detergents. They are easy to use and are my favorite, by far, of any that I have used. I would definitely recommend them.

Thanks so much for SheSpeaks! I like the Cascade. I used Finish before. I am so glad I am able to try Cascade. I like it more. Dishes are cleaner, save water. Just perfect!