Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

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I have tried these several times but they arent that great. I still have to prerinse my dishes and unless its glasses it doesnt get everything off. However they are easier than the kind you have to pour or measure. But they just arent the greatest.

Although the Cascade Action Pacs did get the dishes clean most of the time, they didn't seem to work well enough on the dishes that had food left on them. Fine for pre-washed dishes. But then, what's the point of running the dishwasher? A couple of times I also got residue left on the some of the dishes. I thought I would LOVE these Action Pacs but after giving them a good test run, I don't think they are worth the money. Maybe if they had a great sale and coupon i'd buy them, but certainly not for their regular high price.

I have enjoyed the convenience of the gel packs, but there have been several times that I find them in the bottom of my dishwasher broke open with the gel gone but more of the product and packet still there. I feel like I am 50-50 on it working when I use them. I do love the cleanliness of my dishes when they do work.

I only gave this one 3 stars, not because I didn't think this product didn't do the job, but because I think lesser expensive solutions alike did the exact same job. I'd say save your money and go with a medium brand, rather than this name brand.

Love the ease of the gel packand thought it did a good job, but not sure it cleaned any better than a cheaper brand. Super handy, and great for having my kids start the dishwasher, no worries about spills! The good thing is if you do want to use them you can find coupons.

This product works okay to clean dishes but I find that it does leave some water spots and some food behind

Works good but not great. Just as happy sticking with the big bottle of soap. Many times they didn't dissolve and I had to either rinse everything or run again due to residue.

Excellent product, but the liquid is just as good and cheaper.

This product did not work well in my dishwasher. It left a lot of the cleaner stuck inside the little door, the dissolving stuff would get stuck so the door wouldn't open.

Honestly, this product does a great job, IF you have a good dishwasher. If your dishwasher is old or not so great, it will leave streaks of powder on your dishes. I also agree with the previous reviewer saying that generic brands do the exact same thing. I've also noticed that if I put it in the compartment on my dishwasher door, it doesn't always open and release. I'm better off just throwing it in the bottom of the dishwasher. There have also been a few times that the pack itself hasn't opened properly.

Like the product, cleaned everything nicely.

While I use this and think they do an ok job, I am wondering how others feel about the claim of not having to "pre-rinse". P&G is doing a big push to save water (which I totally support) but I cannot imagine sticking dishes straight in the wash without rinsing. These cascade pacs leave stuck on food even when I do pre-rinse as well as a white residue which another tester mentioned. And while not pre-rinsing may save water, it doesn't necessarily save time as you still have to scrape excess food before loading so it is one or the other. So I use them because it is simpler than pouring in the soap/powder but I don't buy the saving water argument. Maybe my dishwasher just isn't state of the art of something but it needs a little assistance beforehand or food just gets baked on further.

I have not had luck with them, I am getting white residue deposits on my utensils and plasticware also, can only be removed with white vinegar! If you have hard water, beware of these, use the Cascade Complete instead.......

i have to agree with ckfernandez. i rate this product a three because i find it to be a little costly compare to some of its cheaper counter parts.

simple and easy to use works well in hard water could be a little less spendy but hey good product