Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

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Don't really buy into the whole sparkly vampire thing, but I do like the movies and although this wasn't my favorite in the series. I think they did a great job with the makeup (she really did look bad) and acting was good. Looking forward to seeing the last one in the series.

This was incredible blending book and screenplay into an amazing cinematic experience that starts with the wedding of the year! Bella's dress was amazing and the storyline melded from one moment to the next flawlessly. I again could watch this over and over and over again. The ending left you yearning for more and the little teaser in the credits was even more fun.

Twilight (as in the first) is one of my all-time favorite books but the rest of the series was horribly disappointing for me. I pretty much hated the Breaking Dawn book, but surprisingly, I quite liked the movie version. Well, part one at least. I think the movie moved the story along in better way than some of the author's weaker storytelling could present. And it was visually stunning . . . whether the beauty of the wedding, or the horrors of Bella's decline while struggling to make it through the pregnancy. I don't know if I'll ever bother reading the book version again, but I would definitely watch this movie again.

I was a huge fan of the books. I even loved the first movie. The second and third I thought was ok. The time this one came out I was not running to the movie theather to watch it. I did buy it the day it came out and I give it two thumb downs. I think these movies are going way down hill. Not even sure if i will buy the last one or not.

Love Twilight! It leaves you wanting to see more and more. I love the intense romance between Edward and Bella!

I have always been a big fan of the Twilight books and the movies. I'm looking forward to seeing part 2.

Great movie...not as great as the book but good enough.

over rated, i felt that the movie dragged too much. The graphics on Bella making her look skinny and sick was pretty much the only wow factor I had during the entire movie. I am going to watch the last part just for the hell of it...i got myself this far, no harm going all the way. The book was bad, but the movies were worst.

Wonderful movie followed along with the book!! Loved it!!

Not as good as the prior ones in the series. They seriously went far off the book in too many scenes that I was looking forward to seeing how they handled them.

I loved the way they showed Bella's pregnancy, and the toll it took on her. Showing Rosalee's relationship with her evolved. I knew they would make the ending at the point when Bella would need to be turned. :)

I love this whole series and this one was great too,just as it..

I love Twilight, I think this movie was awesome and I can't wait for part 2 to come out!

i was a little disappointed in this latest twilight movie.....they took a lot more 'creative liberty' in this movie and deviated from the book- unnecessarily. for some reason, i don't think taylor lautner was really into character for this installment. i hope they do better with part 2. that being said, it's still by far better than most movies i've seen that were adapted from novels.

This movie gets better with time love it to death. I have seen all of them and they keep me wanting more and more.