Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

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I was a huge fan of the books. I even loved the first movie. The second and third I thought was ok. The time this one came out I was not running to the movie theather to watch it. I did buy it the day it came out and I give it two thumb downs. I think these movies are going way down hill. Not even sure if i will buy the last one or not.

I have read the books because I did not want to judge the movies incorrectly or unfairly. So here is my opinion, I kind of liked the book as in I could picture what was going on in my head, and it was interesting. Then I saw the travesty of a movie and was so disappointed. Actors were just terrible. I do not think Kristen Stewart knows how to close her mouth for nothing. Robert Pattinson always looks like he is in pain or has to take a poop. It is just so distracting from the story, but when you do look at the story, it is like why did they make this movie and when can I leave the theater.

There was so much fuss over the books, I thought I would give the film a try. Stupid, self-absorbed girl does stupid self-absorbed things. That is 122 minutes I can never get back.

Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible everything!

I honestly don't know what the obsession is with these Twilight movies. I sat through this one basically because my best friend held me hostage. I wish I could get that time back. I want my vampires to be actual vampires - blood thirsty, aggressive and mean. I don't want them to sparkle!

I love the twilight movies but this movie really is not for kids. then begining is nice because edward and bella get married and after that the entire movie is basically their honeymoon. not until the end is when a little drama occurs when they find out bella is pregnant with edwards baby while still being human..

over rated, i felt that the movie dragged too much. The graphics on Bella making her look skinny and sick was pretty much the only wow factor I had during the entire movie. I am going to watch the last part just for the hell of it...i got myself this far, no harm going all the way. The book was bad, but the movies were worst.

The series was alright. If your into Vampires and Werewolves with a splash of romance, than this is the books or movies for you. I loved the romance part of them, just not into the vampires and werewolves

Don't really buy into the whole sparkly vampire thing, but I do like the movies and although this wasn't my favorite in the series. I think they did a great job with the makeup (she really did look bad) and acting was good. Looking forward to seeing the last one in the series.

Loved the books but the movies fall short on the casting and acting. The movie does stick close to the book and is a good portrayal. But the acting could have been better with different people chosen for some parts.

I loved the books, the movies were hard to like just because the books pull you in so much. My youngest daughter however did not read the books only watched the movies and loved these.

I wanted to like this movie and I went into it with such high hopes from all the reviews I've seen. I mean, a billion people can't be wrong, right? Well, I don't know what happened. I thought the acting was okay, but the storyline couldn't capture my attention.

Not as good as the First but still worth watching!!

Great series and glad I had something to talk about with all my teens!

I never thought I'd be a fan of this type of movie... but I've watched all the movies and give it 4 stars.. I can definitely watch the first two over and over again.