Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

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I was really anticipating this movie and I really enjoyed it. A lot of suspensful and stayed true with the love story. I didn't want the movie to end.

This was incredible blending book and screenplay into an amazing cinematic experience that starts with the wedding of the year! Bella's dress was amazing and the storyline melded from one moment to the next flawlessly. I again could watch this over and over and over again. The ending left you yearning for more and the little teaser in the credits was even more fun.

I love the whole series and could watch them over and over.

Intense and very entertaining! I loved it! Can't wait for the next one!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight!!!

I love all the books and the movies! I was just disappointed that they broke the last book up into two movies. I'm not obsessed with them and I won't rush to the movie theater to see them but I will buy it as soon as it comes on DVD.


For me the movies weren't as good as the books but then again I'm a book nerd and always prefer a good book over a movie anyway! But that being said I can't help myself from being sucked into these movies! They are too interesting for you not to be! I love the whole vampire/ werewolf/ human love triangle! They would be very smart an a lot Richer then they already are if they continued with the saga!

I loved the whole saga and wish it could continue. Great movie filled with suspense, romance and lots of action.

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought that the wedding scene was done very well. Bella looked absolutely gorgeous. My favorite scenes from the movie are when the wolves are talking to eachother. It is exciting and scary at the same time. All in all a great movie. Impatiently awaiting part 2!

i have to admit i loved this movie and i enjoyed the entire series...seen them all with the kids

Way better than I expected I thought this would be another dumb teenage movie but I actually enjoy all of them we bought all of them and watch them over and over

great movie and book!

It is such a badly written book, but the director just made amazing. I really didn't like Twilight, the actors were pretty sucky, but the quality of everything was great.

I waited for this movie, and I have to say that the part where they get married was one of my favorite parts of the movie. I felt like it stuck fairly close to the book, but at the same time it also had its own flare.