Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

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Huggies don't seem to hold up as well as the pampers I have tried, however these were a great transition diaper before we started potty training. They were handy when my son would give cues that he needed to go and we could easily slip them on and off. I did not enjoy using them durring regular diaper changes though. The sides would open often and it was difficult putting a new one on if he was not standing without pants.

They have been disappointing me lately with the side attachments being easily ripped off and they are too easily taken off.

I think this is a great concept if you have a really busy on the go baby/toddler. I used them on our recent trip to Mexico because I knew the bathroom on the airplane wouldn't have a changing table. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because on more than a few occasions the tabs ripped right off. I do like the fact they are like a pull-up but aren't as expensive.

I like these diapers if you are in a bathroom with no changing table or have to change your child in a car but for every day use I don't care for these.

I liked these once my son got older & we were closer to potty training. I got them because I had a coupon & they said they were for squirmy babies. I found that it was harder to put this on a baby that was moving than a regular diaper. Once I did catch him he would lay down & these are very hard to put on a child that is laying down. Once he got older & learned how to step into them they were great

My husband bought these by accident when our son was about 5 mnths.Since my son obiously wasn't standing yet I changed him as normal.A couple of times the plastic sticky band just came off.I had to throw out a few.They have a nice little design to them though.I haven't bought them since but I'll give them a try now that my son's ollder.I have trouble changing him when we're out.

Very easy to put on, they remind me of pull-ups. We use them at night and use pull-ups during the day. No leaks so far

My son and I loves these.

I love these diapers. They are easy to put on, especially for diaper changes that take place in the car or at a store. The designs are cute, they hold in the leaks and they are not too expensive. Target has $1.50 coupons for them all the time. If I need to put diaper cream on all I have to do it put it on before I pull the diaper on. I get these all the time!

I so wish my son would get to wear these diapers but alas you do not make size 6 or higher...Same as with all the Seasonal Diapers that you feature once in awhile...

My child does not like diaper changes so I picked up a pack of these. They did not leak and were easy to put on...if you can catch your child!! BUT..I like to use powder or diaper cream to prevent a rash and these don't really allow for that Bc the kid has to be standing to pull them up. Nothing special.

Basicly, these are pull ups. I prefer the regular Huggies lil movers which seem to be better made and fit better. I will use these on occaision but they are also narrower on the butt so I worry more about accidents.

I really wanted these to work, but probably won't buy them again. They're just messy when taking on and off. Also, because you can't cinch them tight like with normal diaper tabs, they get very saggy very fast. Great idea, but not working out for me.

I love these for my toddler, she can use them like a pullup but they hold more urine so she doesn't have any leaking at night.

I really like this diapers, they are working out great right now that I'm trying to get my toddler to potty train but most of the time he doesn't want to use the potty, this diapers still hold pretty well. I have not had problems with the tabs ripping, but my child is on the slender side. No leaking problems either with this, I did have leaking problems with training pants.