Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

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these diapers do NOT work for my son. he leaks through them so easy. i was very disappointed because my parents gave us 3 packs of these and we couldnt use them!

I so wish my son would get to wear these diapers but alas you do not make size 6 or higher...Same as with all the Seasonal Diapers that you feature once in awhile...

I used these with my oldest child and he actually developed a very slight rash on his butt cheeks where the elastic from the diaper rubbed. Because these diapers are similar to pull ups, they do not have the tabs you can adjust for fit. The elastic rested more to the middle of my child's cheeks rather than to the outside and with an active toddler that just caused rubbing which caused the rash. As with many diapers, I know these worked great for other children, but it was not good for my child and I will not try these diapers on my second child.

This was Huggies worst idea by far! No. No. No. I wish they would make the a Winnie the Pooh size six's and leave it at that!

Don't like much these leak

Wasn't a fan. They are spendy and not at all easier for me or my son. It may work well for some but it just didn't for me.

These diapers were clearly not designed by parents I have never had my child assist me in putting a diaper on nor pick there chunky little legs up to easily slide them up. These diapers are more like pull ups and they should only be for older kids that use pull ups. Bad Idea Huggies didn't work for me!

Loved the Huggies Brand, so I thought we would try another type of Huggies. This were easy to get on and off of my son but he ALWAYS leaked through them. The only diapers that work for him are the Huggies Snug & Dry.

My child does not like diaper changes so I picked up a pack of these. They did not leak and were easy to put on...if you can catch your child!! BUT..I like to use powder or diaper cream to prevent a rash and these don't really allow for that Bc the kid has to be standing to pull them up. Nothing special.

I used these a few times for my son when he started running around, but I honestly found that it was just awkward to use these as a "slip-on" diaper. He wasn't to the stage of stepping into things yet when he was ready for this size, so it didn't make much sense to slip them on. I always had to lay him down to get them on anyways, and if I'm going to do that, I might as well just unstick the tabs and put it on like a normal diaper. They leaked quite a bit around the edges from what I remember, I wasn't a huge fan of them.

I bought these after seeing the commercial when they first came out. At first I thought "This is genious and perfect for my super squirmy stepson!" Not so much. These actually took longer to put on than regular diapers. Also, I had to have him stand up to pull it up over his butt and he would immediately take off running before I could pull it up. Very frustrating. Not recommended.

I found these on sale at a store so we decided to try them out. My daughter is 7 months and in a size 3. I would definitely not recommend them for a child her age and size. I can see how they would work better with bigger children though. They are not easy to slip on when your child does not stand yet. She does crawl and get around but these diapers were not as easy to use as advertisements say. I still love Huggies but will wait until she is bigger to get more of the slip on ones.

I used these for a few months with my son and they seemed to leak more than any diaper we ever tried. I also felt it was essentially the same as a pull-up and we ended up switching over to that. It is great for children to small for pull-ups as long as they fit snug and don't leak.

Once my son was in a size 4 diaper we tried Huggies Slip On Diapers. While the ability to slip the diaper on was excellent, I ultimately did not care for these diapers. My son is a heavy wetter and I found that these diapers leaked around the waist due to the fact that I wasn't tightening the diapers after slipping them on (and having to lay him down to re-fasten the diaper tabs defeats the purpose of being a slip on diaper). I also found that we ripped a handful of diapers while pulling them on because the sides of the tabs weren't durable enough to slide over his chunky legs. I love Huggies brand but have to give the Slip On diapers a thumbs down for these diapers.

Loved them in the beginning but they wouldn't hold up at night. Great idea to have a diaper that just slips on but wish they were more durable