Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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I could never get my son to eat these he doesn't like them. But the positive is they are easy for children and toddlers to eat.

My children loved these when they were younger and would eat them for a snack all the time

You know what? These taste good and kids LOVE them. They melt in your mouth and are nearly impossible to choke on. Great practice for picking up and bringing food to their mouths. I don't think, though, it's worth the money- the snacks don't last long at all

Overall I am giving Puffs a 3 start rating because yes, my son loves them and yes they are made of whole grains which is a healthy start for babies but the price for what you get is outrageous (even though we still buy them) and weaning my son off of them and onto the traditional Cheerios has not been very easy since the puffs just dissolve with little effort on the babies part so less learning to chew is occurring.

For my daughter, this was not one of her favorites. She easily got tired of eating the same taste over and over again to feel full.

Perfect for little hands but very messy!

I do not have kids, but when my nieces were little and used to eat these it was so hard to resist sneaking a few! They are delicious, and my nieces love them!

My little cousin doesn't want to snack on anything else! She'll eat these just about anywhere, because it is so easy to take these snacks on the go. She loves sharing them with her little brother. It is a great starter for those littles that are growing baby teeth and can chew! They are a good source of nutrients and not too sticky like other snacks. Less mess too!

My 15 month old loves these, but they're expensive, and they seem to be mostly air. There's almost no nutritional value, so I definitely limit how much of these puffs he eats. They don't satisfy his hunger, that's for sure. Another reviewer stated that Cheerios are better for snacking, and I totally agree. These puffs taste good, and the containers are reusable as snack containers or storage for crayons, etc, but save your money and give your little ones cereal or fruit instead.

Great tasting, my children and I both love them, but a bit pricey for something that's basically

I love that the puffs melt fairly quickly in baby mouths, so I don't have as much of a choking fear. Big downside is price.

Love the flavors it comes in. My toddler will eat by the handful. No worries about choking.

My children have always loved them & they are good to take along as a snack but they are a little expensive

My baby love them, but they are just to expensive! She loved the off brand/cheaper ones just as well. When i read the labels there was not a difference in ingredients just in the packaging!

These are an ok little snack food for kids, however they don't devolve as quickly as I would like. They are also extremely expensive...