Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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Very good and healthy snack for babies. Not messy, and they don't have to have teeth to chew. It dissolves in their mouth. Delicious variaties of flavors, like banana, sweet potatoes, cherry, strawberry, sweet corn, and whole wheat.

My 9 month old grandson loves Gerber puffs. He would eat them by the handful if we let him. I buy two at a time because he goes through it in no time. I learned of them by a young mother and her little giril loves them, so we tried it. Baby says Yum.

my daughter loves,so i love

my son loves these for a snack, he likes all the flavors. there should be more coupons for these products.

All three of my children loved these as infants. Furthermore, if we have them on hand for our youngest, even our 5 year old will still eat them! They are the greatest snack around for toddlers.

This is one food item that you must purchase for your little beginner. They will want these finger foods at all times. So many flavors to choose from and your child will enjoy these for years to come. Vegetables and fruit flavors to choose from.

My baby cousin absolutely loves these, each time I give him one he comes back for more This product is perfect for your little beginner. I totally recommend everyone with a child or anyone who knows someone with a child to buy it =]

Gerber Graduates Whole Wheat Puffs are GREAT . My nighbors 7 month old grand daughter, is alls snacking on them.

I Love These My daughter Loves These, My Husband Even Takes Them To The Field With Him When He Goes on Training Missions lol

My grandson loved these when he was a baby!

If I could go out and buy these every day for my 13 month old son and 2 1/2 year old niece who still loves them I would.

you would think this were made of candy in my house , the little one's love them , and their good for them as well !

My daughter and I love them.

These are great! My little ones LOVE them, I have a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old and they can litterally devour the whole cans contents in a day if I let them.

Who doesn't love these. Great Price. Taste Great. I love that they dissole in your mouth so less worrying about choking.