Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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my daughter love them

I think they're a rip off personally. For just a little tube of cereal they're far too pricey. And I don't think they're all that nutritious really.

Are these made of styrofoam or what?!?! I bought them with a coupon as a treat for my rats (my kids are grown) and even they won't touch them. I thought that was strange so I tried them myself. Little things stick to your tongue so you can't get them out of your mouth quickly enough and they taste like crap. The truth is, babies will eat anything...crayons, paste, rat poison, soap, and these horrid little things. *shivers at the thought of these* major gross!

Did not like these, I always try a taste first, and I couldn't stand them..if styrafoam peanuts had a taste, this would be it. My child took on bite and spit it out,never buying them again..glad I had a coupon, so I didn't entirely waste my money!!

I would not recommend Gerber Puffs because every flavor has apple puree in them.My daughter is allergic to apples so I looked at the ingredience in all the other flavors that were not apple,like banana and sweet potato and they all had apple puree in them.If they are not apple flavor they should not have apple in them.

handy and the baby loved them but they have a bunch of garbage in them just feed your kids real food

Really not a fan of the ingredients Gerber uses. Their products include high-fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that I wouldn't want my child to ingest, and also mostly aren't organic.

I was very disappointed with this product. I bought them for my little one as park snacks. She had one and spit it out saying "it's yucky." When she wouldn't take a second one I figured she was being a little too picky about her food again so I tried one myself. Oh.My.Gosh. I couldn't eat it either. Blander than bland with an odd styrofoam texture. I did not buy these again.

A good idea but way too expensive. Cheerios or Kix packaged in small plastic containers or plastic bags are a much better value and the kids love them

The form factor is great! Great for independence, great for learning to eat. Portable. Many good things. The flavors are reasonable... but the ingredients are appalling. The sweet potato flavor, for instance, doesn't actually contain any sweet potato. There are other options on the market that actually contain the flavors they are and have much shorter and organic ingredient lists. Puffs yes, Gerber puffs, no.

I bought this for my five month old to try. And he absolutely hated it! it was just so cute, the face that he made. I tried it and I thought "it's not bad." So I proceeded to give him another one and yup, he officially hated it.

i don't mind these. but i rather get the organic ones

I bought these all the time for my daughter but as I began to read the ingredients I switch to the organic puffs that are not made by Gerber. Too many ingredients for my taste and I want to make sure what I am feeding my daughter is the best!

OK product. Yes the babies love them, but they are just to expensive! The cost per pound for these things is like $6.99! I've had great success with the store brands and private labels. Cheerios works very well also. Save your money and read the price labels at the grocery store!

Be careful they will dye your child's clothing.