Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

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This works great at the holidays for packaging up cookies and other goodies as gifts. Works awesome on a cheeseball. Also have used it on school projects, including useing it to make a baggy to hold water or in my theater tech class to make special effect capsules. There are many uses for this product!!!!

Love the press and seal for most things. It definitely has its uses, although there are some things you just can't use it for and have to use regular plastic wrap. I would really recommend this though!

I always have press and seal in my kitchen. It's works for a variety of things and it always works great. Love my press and seal.

Glad Press and Seal, and Cling Wrap. A must have in my kitchen. Different products for different jobs. Love them both :)

Love this stuff! No more floppy plastic wrap!

I literally can not make it through the holidays without Press & Seal. It is the easiest way to ensure your food stays fresh!

This is one of my favorites for the holidays. It can be used in so many different ways. It is slightly sticky so you don't ever have to worry about this coming off your container. You can also use it to seal individual items like a little pocket. I use it to make turkey sandwiches to go for all of the traveling relative! Great Product!!!

I bought this one time and it seemed to work well enough but I do much better with freezer bags when I'm cutting up large purchased of meat. As far as to cover bowls of leftovers well, plastic wrap works better and is more economical.

I love how this works most of the time. It doesn't always re-stick very well though. It also doesn't always stick to all my containers. When it does stick, most of the time, it's my favorite wrap.

This is great esp. when normal plastic wrap can make me so mad! It sticks and seals around things the plastic wrap didn't like. and makes great little pockets if I run out of zipper bags.

This product is great. It puts a tight seal on the edges of the bowl, and can be cut into different shapes for different uses.

I use it all the time for many different uses. It works great!

who does not love press and seal?? it is a staple in our kitchen! Who has time to search for that missing lid and who has time to figure out how in the world to wrap that watermelon or something that just doesn't quite fit into the bowl or dish? Another simple but ingenious product!

The staple in my kitchen. I use it for EVERYTHING!! Best find of my life! Some times you need to be sure that you are using the right side of the wrap and it does get a little tricky if the pan is cold but you can put it over paper plates, glass dishes, cups - you name it, I will try it with this before anything else

It isn't a bad product but not always very dependable. It's great when it works but it doesn't always stick which leads to a big waste.