Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

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I used this product once a few summers ago and it brought little white bugs every where I used it!! Will never use it again!

I hate this product. It did not stick to everything and is more expensive. I just will stick with my store brand plastic wrap for now. I do like those "squashible: tupperware bowels that you can store flat with the lids on. They work better because you make then whatever size you want and no need for plastic wrap

I didn't like comes off the containers and does not stick to itself for very long in the fridge either

I did not like this product. It didn't cling to my metal bowls. It didn't cling to Rubbermade bowls either. Or, if it did, it only lasted one round. I will not buy these again.

I agree with the folks stating that it doesn't cling as well as traditional saran wrap. I tried it and won't buy it again. Plus its hard to handle.


i pressed but nothing sealed. Maybe i needed directions because this worked like waxed paper for me. it was worthless.

I don't think it works as good as the original product! Sorry! I think it is just not as good, I gave up with it and gave it to my kids to use with art projects, it is jut not very effective.

I like it for some things, but I am not overly impressed either. I will not buy it unless I can find it for really cheap.

I thought this would be a good product. I used it on a beautiful antique cookie plate. The cling was too strong so I had a very hard time releasing it from the decorative border of my plate. I will not use it again on a ny special plate.

I can never get it to sick.

My son used Press n Seal on Mikasa Stoneware bowls. It removed the finish on the rim on the bowls. Has anyone experienced anything like this? The rims on the bowls are now rough, not smooth like previously and like the other parts of the bowls.

Not a fan of this product, but I agree it's too awkward and I don't want to wrestle with my wrap. Next....

The seal doesn't hold very well even when pressed to itself.

I find it doesn't hold a seal as well as traditional cling wrap.