Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

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Wonderful! Can be used for so many different purposes!! It seals great causing things to stay fresh or not to spill. I will never buy saran wrap again!!

I love the product it works great but it's a little pricey

I love this stuff. I have no more need for conventional Saran wrap after finding this. Love it!

I love this stuff!! Good-bye Saran wrap!

Love this product. I just wish it worked when it gets wet. Great for portioning ground meat and freezing.

Love this product!!!!!

i am never without it in my kitchen - one of my favorite products of all time!!

This is the only plastic wrap I use now and have since it first cam out.I love the stuff.It is good for everything you put ina microwave or fridge.You can even turn things upside down and it will hold the stuff in.Tried it once just to say you get what you pay for, and you really do with this wrap.

I love this product as we.. and have used it since its debut on my store shelf. The only thing is, once you break the seal, there is no re sealing the wrap. There is a way to use the wrap and seal it completely. But no sneaking into the bowl for a fingerful, you will need a new sheet!

I love this for wrapping steaks and other items for the freezer, it gives a nice airtight seal. However, it does not replace my regular wrap - it is a supplement.

I really love this product..does exactly what it claims to..even tho it may be somewhat more seals a bowl very well and i have had very few leaks and cleanups when using this product

I Love this product & I don't know how I lived without it all these years!Haa

This is so handy and seals great.

Nothing better;

Since I started using Press N' Seal I have become a devoted user. I love how it clings to things that traditional Saran Wrap never did! I have no plans to go back.