Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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We made a nice mexican rice from scratch and this just made it perfect! So good. One of my favorites.

Not very hot, but delicious. I just posted a photo of the baked rigatoni we made with the spicy sausage removed from casings. Go look at it! :) I used the Tomato & Basil Rinaldi sauce, which was delicious and very fresh, a lot like my homemade sauce.

I tried the Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage for the first time this week. I had to work late and was in a hurry to make dinner. I cut the sausage in coin style slices, cooked it throughly in a pan. At the same time I put whole wheat penne pasta on to boil, and heated up a jar of marinara sauce. The spicy sausage was a great combination with the sweet flavor of the marinara sauce. Everyone at the table was pleasantly surprised at how good the meal was and how quickly it came together. Tossed a quick green salad and the dinner was complete.

I love this as sausage fra diavlo with pasta! I also love having this sausage on a bun just like a hot dog. Grilled. Very good. I love the heat on this sausage. Perfect spice content!

Loves putting these into a homemade meat sauce or just making a sausage & pepper meal - my husband is especially fond of the hot ones!!!

I slice there into small pieces and sautee with peppers and onions.Then I serve over rice or stuff into hoagie rolls.My Husband and son love the taste!

These have a nice kick to them, but are not too spicy to be uncomfortable to eat. I served these with spaghetti and pasta sauce last night and my husband and I really enjoyed them. I cooked the entire pack of links and froze the leftover 2 in my foodsaver for our next pasta dinner! Interesting reviews here, I have some new ideas on how to serve these now.

My husband and teenage boys loved Johnsonville's spicy, hot Italian sausages,,,,grilled on the bun!

Just enough spice. Loved it!!!

My husband loves this just by them self in between a slice of bread with ketchup.

These are definately the best hot italian sausages out there. We like them because they have a good flavor and some nice heat, but they aren't overly salty like some brands. My kids that are 4 and 6 love these too!

Definitely hotter than the mild links, but still good! I used these in a chili I made over the weekend and they added a nice extra kick.